Having just been outside in the dark with the dog, my torch fell upon the first crocus buds of the year, and although not snowdrops, I was immediately reminded of my poem as the feeling they envoked was just the same. Hope you enjoy a re-read.

Through rose tinted glasses.

As dark days of Winter
begin to fade,
and the face of hope
is not far away,
first signs of spring 
begin to show
small white heads 
above the snow.
Reminding the heart
that dark times fade
and sadness for laughter
we can trade,
as nature performs
her wonderful thing,
the changing of seasons
from Winter to Spring.

By Alison Fielding.


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Blue tits and tea partys

A bit of glue, one of my mums tea cups and saucers, a bamboo cane, and hey presto we have a bird feeder.  And dont they just love it!  I get some satisfaction too.  Hope you enjoy it.  (The Lord of the Manor thinks Im 'NUTS') Anyone for Tea? Tea for two......tastes much nicer! Woah......This…


There have been quite a few mentions of snowdrops over the last week.  I was certainly lifted the other day when I saw them for the first time this year.   Im not too well today, and while looking through old posts I realized that It was the same date today, a year on from writing this post.  I thought some of you might enjoy another read, and for today I will rest my rather sore eyes and ‘hope’ that a visit to the doctor tomorrow will bring some relief.  Enjoy and look out for the snowdrops.

Through rose tinted glasses.

‘What are we human beings without hope’?    (The Moon Sister by Lucinda Reilly)


I have always loved this poem by Emily Dickinson.  I don’t know when I first read it but it comes into my mind so often at times of difficulty, and I know it inspired me when writing my own ‘hopeful poetry’.  I keep asking Santa or the birthday fairy for a book of her poems, as yet it’s not arrived, but I will keep ‘Hoping’!

My week seems to have been full of reminders of hope.  I was walking Jess around the park the other day, there was a cold bite to the air and the sun was shimmering and dancing through the trees, it was a perfect English winter morning,  bright, fresh and crisp.  The weather on its own would have been enough to lift my spirits had they needed lifting, but what was unexpected…

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The Simple Things.

Don't you think that more often than not it is the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure.  They may not be the most exciting, adrenaline rushing, post a picture on facebook type moments, but they are the moments that make our day to day life just that extra bit special.  Yesterday I…