A few Christmases ago I posted a poem on my blog that I had written for Arlo, my first grandchild. He loved the poem, and the book I made him that Christmas has been kept safely in his Christmas book bag and brought out each year. At the beginning of 2022 I decided to look…


Another Autumn is here and life is changing once again.

Through rose tinted glasses.

A flame burns bright
across a still green world,
a vibrant announcement
of Autumns' arrival.
Her gentle voice a whisper,
a rustle in the trees.
Small in its beginnings
but growing in strength,
as to each leaf she says
It's time.
Time to let go, time to change.
To release your hold
on all youve known,
leaving space for new growth.
As Autumn softly places a kiss 
on each green leaf in turn,
a new season is born.
And with the warmth of her breath,
flames are lit across the landscape.

Love Alison x

Written September 16th 2021.

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Peak District Summer Soltice

For some crazy reason an alarm was set for 3.30 am this morning but I think when you look through the photos you will probably agree that it was well worth the sacrifice! Im told by some that 'its all down hill from today' but I would like to think that Summer is just beginning…

Happy Birthday Olive.

Being a grandparent is surprisingly lovely, although I still have to pinch myself to believe that I am one. I cant believe that this little baby girl has reached her first birthday already and that Arlo who is soon to be 4 now has a baby brother 'Sebbie Rafe' who is just 5 months old.…

Skipping and Gamboling.

Nothing says 'spring is here' more to me, than the sweet sight of newly born wrinkly lambs skipping and gamboling among the myriad of yellow dandelion heads in the Peak District fields. Oohs and aahs emanate from my mouth on a daily basis as I drive past this field and that, and see those little…

I am a mole and I live in a hole.

When I moved to the Peak District there were four wildlife inhabitants that I was hoping I would get to see.  They were A Badger, An Owl, A Hedgehog and A Mole!   I've been really fortunate to unexpectedly see the first three but the Mole, well due to his insistance to live underground, he or…

Happy Christmas to you all!

Ive been having problems accessing word press recently on my mac so blogs have been sparse and i'm way behind on reading those I follow. All is well here apart from covid creeping its way in and changing plans a little but as a family we have so much to be thankful for. Little Olive…

Today I hugged a tree!

I would never in a million years have thought that I would become a tree hugger. Ive heard about people doing it, and the health benefits it can bring but me! Nope! definitely not a tree hugger. Well that is until now. At the moment with various life changes going on I am fortunate to…