A touch of honesty.

Growing up in a pentecostal church family I was encouraged at church meetings (or more often than not prodded in the ribs by my dad) to go forward during testimony time and give my testimony… It went something like this.  “I was brought up in a christian family,  I gave my heart to Jesus at the age of 5.  I was baptised in water when I was 12”  etc etc…..I often felt like I was repeating things I had heard from so many similar stories and never really felt like I owned mine.  However I soon learnt to race up to the front to avoid more bruises.

Over the years my testimony has changed.  There have been many twists and turns to life but now I feel my story is my own and having just treated myself to a laptop which for the first time is  ‘for my use only’  I have the chance to share some of my life on this blog.   If just one person is encouraged or made to smile by reading or looking at my thoughts, poems or photos then I will feel it was worthwhile.

Enjoy x

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