The Hug.

One of my favourite things in life is wrapping my arms around someone i care about and giving them a hug.  The feeling is magnified when the huggee responds and hugs me back with the same enthusiasm.   Whether its my boyfriend, my children, a friend, my dog or even sometimes the chickens, hugging is necessary for my wellbeing.  I just can’t live without it.

There are so many different kinds of hugs.  Romantic ones, brotherly ones, cheeky girly ones, I love you ones, furry ones and fluffy ones.  Welcome home ones are the best and goodbye ones can be tough.   There are the ‘I feel for you’ ones and the ‘I don’t know what to say but I’m here for you’ ones and a whole host of other ones.  Hugs have no language barrier and can be given at anytime, anywhere and by anyone.  Even the animal kingdom seem to enjoy cozying up and wrapping a loving wing or hoof around each other .

I love to hug.  Although I was well looked after growing up I think I lacked a little in the hug department and have always made it an important part of bringing up my own family.

Hugging is known to have many health benefits.  Research suggests that we all need at least 8 hugs a day and I have a hunch that many of us are perhaps a little under hugged  if that is true, but its a good goal to have and it doesn’t cost anything… or maybe it does.

Hugs don’t require payment,  but there is a risk and one that can stop that hug from ever being used.  How many hugs have you wasted for fear of rejection or fear of it not being well received,  I guess we are all guilty of that at times  but I think it’s a risk worth taking and in the case of  ‘The Hug’  im sure that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

‘Hugging builds trust and gives a sense of security,  It can boost oxytocin levels and bring healing to those who feel lonely and isolated.  Keeping that hug going for a bit longer can boost serotonin levels, raise your mood and bring happiness.’  Well I’m sold already without mentioning the effect on the nervous system and immune system and the definite boost to self-esteem.

They say that  ‘the best things in life are free’.  In my mind hugging is definitely at the top of my list of best things,  and maybe if we all tried to give just one extra a day then the world would slowly become a kinder place hug by hug.




Love Alison x











7 thoughts on “The Hug.

  1. Huge fan of hugs here too 🙂

    Thankfully I work with folks who feel the same way. I got two hugs from work friends when I got back to work on Wednesday after I’d only been away two days!

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