Squirrel Sunday.

‘From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow’ …. but not if the squirrels get there first!


Having spent a lot of time at home this year due to a bad back and neck I was rather pleased to find myself out walking, if a little carefully,  on an autumn Sunday afternoon squirrel hunt with my camera swinging at my side.  Deciding to leave my walking companion Jess at home for fear that she would chase them away or even worse possibly catch one, I rather enjoyed spending some time watching these little guys go about their business and boy were they busy!!

I’m sure there are lots of varying opinions on the squirrel but from a distance they are rather cute and really interesting to watch as they dart back and forth searching,  finding, burying, eating and dodging those annoying four-legged monsters.  Although I implied earlier that they eat all the acorns they do apparently fail to recover about 74% of the nuts they bury thus aiding the regeneration and dispersal of Oak trees.

After watching and snapping for quite a while It actually began to feel like they were posing for the camera and at times I was beginning to imagine one leaping from a tree onto my head, at that point I felt like id squirreled away enough photos and began to make my way home feeling rather pleased with myself for capturing the photos above while mum was keeping a watchful eye on me.

It was good to be out In the fresh air, taking in the beauty that is so often just around the corner every day,  yet so often missed.

Happy Squirrel Sunday!



Love Alison x

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