Daily Prompt: Succumb

via Daily Prompt: Succumb

Lonely,  bereft, lost and in need of a friend.  The road I found myself on was long and dark,  and the pain which encircled my heart from the dawn of each day to the last breath of night was a cross too heavy for a wounded soul.  People died of a broken heart and oh how I understood why.

“I don’t love you, and I can’t live with someone I don’t love”……Hang on,  had we not taken vows to love each other  ’till death us do part’,  and through everything in-between.  We’d had our struggles but I believed in those vows, had grown up believing in ‘forever’ ,  a happy ever after.

Laying each night in sheets of shattered glass and splintered memories turned my lovingly decorated room into a chamber of horrors,  a night of escape was my only reprieve and the liaison began,  masking the pain.   A friendly face in a crowded bar, a strong tanned muscular body reaching across to a red-haired Rapunzel.  Human touch, male attention, igniting a flame which made me feel alive, desirable, attractive,  a woman.

How could I not succumb….


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