So softly they fall.


As winter draws near

they begin to fall

 from weakening arms

dropping, one by one.

They braved the storms

the wind and rain

their beauty shone

with the rising sun.

Now crumpled and creased

it’s time to let go

time to accept

the journey is done.

Another falls

so softly to the ground

tears are shed

a battle is won.



Love Alison x


Poem:  ‘So softly they fall.  By Alison Fielding




6 thoughts on “So softly they fall.

  1. Here, in our part of Canada, our autumns are bright and colourful, showing why our national symbol is the maple leaf. Autumn is such a beautiful time, with the weather not too hot or too cold and dearly loved by our Pomeranian Pack. I always feel a bit sad though, because I know the cold winter winds are not far behind, but as someone stated, it is really a new beginning for the leaves.
    Loved your poem … Brenda

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