Autumn I thank you.


What a beautiful season this has been.  Full of crisp, colourful, jaw-dropping moments that never cease to inspire me,  whilst flooding my mind with childhood memories and the uncontrollable urge to don my wellies and have a good kick around.  I hope I never grow out of that feeling.

There is always an autumn poem to write, a photo to be taken, or conkers and berries to collect, and there is nothing better than a walk with the dog on a sunny, frosty, crunchy autumn morning.

As we begin the countdown to Christmas and a more wintry landscape beckons  I thought I would drop in one last autumn poem and say thank you to the season for giving its all.


As I walk through the park

on an autumn day,

Sweet memories of childhood

come my way.

Mountains of frost-bitten leaves

on the ground,

tempting my feet

to kick them around.

With childish abandon

I check the park

No-one around

so with joy, I can start

To spread the leaves

both high and low.

Reliving those memories

of long ago.



Love  Alison x


Poem:  ‘Memories’.  by Alison Fielding

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