My friend Sue.


As I start my car,

a warm smile of contentment

travels from my face to my heart

as I envisage the morning ahead.

My spirits lift as I drive through scenery

reminiscent of a huge, soft green eider-down

creased and bumpy

from the gentle tossing and turning

of the previous nights’ inhabitant.

Winding my way along the silent,

familiar road, I think to myself

that life can’t get much better.

Ensconced between tall regal hedges

like a row of soldiers on guard

my car travels safely, eagerly

towards my destination.

Turning a corner I see the familiar

grey sliver of  warm smoke,

swirling its way

into the cold sky above.

I’m sure I can smell a freshly baked cake

or is it just the scent of friendship?

Stepping out of my car

I breathe in the fresh country air

and listen to the array of nature

that surrounds me.

As I walk through the heavy wooden door

the smell of the stove entices me in and I

settle myself in front of its warmth.

Wrapped in the arms of country life

and the heart of a good friend.


Love Alison x

Poem:  ‘My friend Sue’.   by Alison Fielding.









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