The sheer bliss of a furry friend.


Having blogged a little about my life and family,  I thought that over the next couple of weeks I would introduce the furry and feathery friends that make life in my ‘city cottage’ so much more fun.  This week I would like you to meet Jess my Spaniel Patterdale X, and maybe you would even like to come for a walk!

I follow a lovely  ‘blogger’  on the Word Press site and am inspired by both her fashion tips and her thoughts.  During our conversation this morning she suggested that a long walk might help reignite the inspiration that I felt was lost.  It wasn’t long before I had my wellies and duffel coat on, and was having the usual wriggly contest as I tried to put the lead on a very enthusiastic and bouncy Jess, who still hasn’t worked out that if she would just sit still,  we would be on our way with greater speed!  I have to say  ‘Dominique’  that you were right,  and the exercise and fresh air worked wonders.  Do visit her blog if you get the chance.

I guess I already knew the benefits of a good walk but sometimes we just need a little push which is one of the reasons being a dog owner is so beneficial to our health.


Having a dog gives you that extra incentive.  Going for a walk alone can seem a little unnerving at times, but with a furry friend by your side, or in Jesse’s case eagerly pulling you along as she has squirrels to chase, the whole experience is much more fun and its a good way of meeting and talking to people, as well as increasing your step count for the day.


I have to say that it is very hard to refuse this little face every morning.  Out of all the dogs we have had as part of our family she really is quite a character and full of boundless energy and unconditional love, so long as there is a hot dog sausage on offer and actually even when there isn’t.  That is the great thing about owning a dog, they are always there, happy to listen and offer a comforting paw, and always very willing to snuggle up and be your friend when you feel a little alone.  Even when they are not supposed to get on the furniture… “JESS”!

Sometimes I’m left wondering if my children come home to see me or Jess,  but I guess it all amounts to the same thing.  We all love going home for the comfort and safety it brings and I’m pretty sure that Jess is part and parcel of that feeling.

There are so many health benefits of having a dog that I could mention,  but from personal experience, I just think they add a lot of Joy and laughter to life.  We so often find ourselves laughing at Jess, her antics and the fact that at times she seems almost human, and although some members of the family might not fully appreciate the smelly furry black bundle due to allergies and maybe a few unwanted aromas.. we love her and I can honestly say that she loves us right back.


Love Alison x




Ps. I do worry occasionally!!!



18 thoughts on “The sheer bliss of a furry friend.

  1. Oh Alison I am so touched by your beautiful words. You warmed my heart on a very cold day my friend. I’m so glad your walk with Jess brought inspiration to you. Love that your béret matches Jess’ red scarf. I wish I could have a cat or a dog but both my kids have asthma so having a furry pet is no-no. But we do have a beautiful orange lizard. It is small and it eats only vegetables. Thanks again for this lovely post. -Dominique xoxo

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  2. I never had a dog, but the hope is to find one next year. You wrote about chickens and I am now getting those, so the hint has been received. Love the beret and every dog needs their accessories too.

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