Chicken Fun.


‘Which came first’.. the chicken or the egg?  I’m sure we could get into a long scientific debate about this,  but not claiming to be one I think I’ll leave that to the scientists for now.  As for me I just think Chickens are fun to keep.  The eggs taste great, are a great source of protein, and nothing beats walking back into the house with a warm egg cupped in my hand.  I only have two chickens so a basketful of eggs is just something I dream about.

Last week I introduced you to Jess, the furry member of the family and this week i’d like you to meet Ginger and Cilla, the feathery ones.  A little camera-shy I’m afraid.


My first introduction to chickens was at 13 years old when my boyfriend placed a tiny chick in my hand.  Within seconds it had left me a little present, and I don’t mean an egg!  It was love at first sight with both the boyfriend and the chick,  although sadly the chicken keeping lasted longer.

During my teenage years, my mum kept a few Bantams.  I will always remember the devastation I felt when ‘Mr Fox’ came and did his worst,  but it never put me off.  Even though I only have a small city garden I have managed to keep two or three hens quite happily.  They have always given me a lot of fun and pleasure,  and just like Jess their funny ways and antics provide plenty of daily amusement.


Sadly in a small garden its difficult to be proud of your floral display and let the chickens roam free, so my flowers when I’ve tried to grow them have generally lived a short life. Forgiving my girls for the destruction comes easier when a freshly boiled egg is on the breakfast table.  What a delight!


Due to a bad back this year I have spent a lot of afternoons watching  ‘Escape to the Country’.  So many people are wanting to escape city life for a more rural lifestyle, and keeping chickens is often at the top of their to-do list.  I’m grateful for the fact that even though I don’t live on a farm,  or even in a real  ‘Country Cottage’ that I can still experience the simple pleasures that country life brings, and my life is the richer for it.



Love Alison x






11 thoughts on “Chicken Fun.

  1. This article took me by complete surprise. There you are, a city person, with country ways, and here am I, living in a rural setting (an unincorporated town) without a single sign of a rooster or hen.

    Your overview is fantastic, and quite entertaining.

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  2. My Aunt Mamie who lived in a small town in Alabama had a chicken coop in her backyard with probably a dozen chickens. I loved the eggs and I, must admit, the fried chicken. I don’t think my aunt was attached personally to the chickens. Wonderful story. Reminds me of many happy summer visits. Thanks for visiting my blog and following.

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