Spring Sparrows.

The world outside my window is getting noisy again, and that can only mean one thing.  Spring is around the corner.  These little guys are chirping away every morning, flitting happily between their home under the eaves, and the magnolia tree in the garden.  It’s a welcome sight,  and I love waking up to their sweet happy voices as they go about their business.


The house sparrow mates for life and never goes far from home, choosing to return to the same nesting place year after year.  This means that I get to enjoy them at close hand, as I have a nest right outside my bedroom window.  Apparently, they use a set of postures and behaviours to communicate with each other. I wonder what this chap is trying to say!   Come on girls I’m waiting!


I caught this one nest-building last year and thought that she had the look of a certain favourite detective of mine.




Breeding starts in may, although I’m sure my sparrows start earlier.  They will have 3 lots of chicks, laying 3 to 5 eggs each time.


In years gone by  ‘Sparrow Pie’ was a delicacy known for its aphrodisiac properties but I can’t imagine this chap on my dinner table, even with the prospect of an added promise! I think I would much prefer to just enjoy him in his natural state.





Spring is coming…


Love Alison x


23 thoughts on “Spring Sparrows.

  1. House sparrows have naturalized here in the States, mostly in urban areas. I call them MacDonald’s birds because every franchise has its flock, lol! They are noisy, yet intrepid, threading their way between feet at outdoor tables, gleaning food.

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  2. AS I told one hopeful fellow, here in New England (Massachusetts) we probably have one or two rip-snorting blizzards of some variety still to go! But one has to be hopeful! I am bowled over by this fine and intimate photography–getting even the fluff in a sparrow’s beak perfectly focused! Takes great skill–even with a nest next to the window! WHAT A FASCINATING BLOG THIS IS!

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  3. Because of the chickens, our garden is full of sparrows. They swoop down on the chicken feed en mass so the chickens can’t target a peck. The chickens are so funny trying to chase them off. Bet the sparrows laugh as these big dumpy guys can’t fly! We have one Sparrow Espagnol male who sits on our balconette and makes a real din. I don’t think he has a girl yet, so he is getting quite fraught. Fingers crossed for this year.

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