Mums are…


The womb that nurtures
the arms that cradle
the hands that hold
the eyes that watch over.



 The ears that listen
the voice that soothes
the rock that shelters
the feet that lead.



  The Nurse, the teacher,
the chauffeur, the cook,
night-watchman, forgiver,
encourager, protector.


All in the name of,
one feeling
one emotion
one Word.



 Happy Mothers day. (11th March)  If you’re a mum enjoy it, if you have a mum, make her feel special,  and if you have sadly lost your mum, know that you’re not alone.


Love Alison x



12 thoughts on “Mums are…

  1. Our Mother’s Day here in the U.S. is in May, so something to look forward to. My husband and I have both lost our mothers, though, so each day offers moments to remember. We have two wonderful children (26 & 22), so we feel truly blessed on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
    Lovely post, Alison, and wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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  2. Very nice post Alison. Here in Quebec Mother’s day is in May as well and I always look forward to receive my macaroni necklace or card! Take care dear friend and soon to be grandmother. Hi, hi… Lucky you!

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  3. Thank you domonique, my children made a real fuss of me yesterday and its lovely after years of being a single mum to have them show their love for me. Im enjoying having grown up children who will soon start having children of their own.


  4. Lovely pics and thoughts put with passion. There is no other feeling in this world, not any avocation or challenge like being a mother. If you are a single mom, it is responsibility that can rob you of sleep due to worry and also fatigue. I was one for many years and as my children have now grown with children of their own, they have often told me they now understand and deeply appreciate all I was and am to them. There is no other feeling like hearing those words and knowing I did it well…not perfectly but as well as I could.

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    1. I was mostly on my own for 18 years and it is now that my four are really seeing what i did and are showing their love for it. Im sure with a first grandchild on the way that they will gain even more insight. It was a lonely road and i made a lot of mistakes but the one thing i got right was showing them love.


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