Painful blog beginnings.


My blogging journey began after a very nasty fall that found me in a heap at the bottom of my proudly painted stairs, which incidentally were painted with a non slip floor paint, hmm!!  My country living ideas may need a little..tweeking.  Coming down in socks was not one of my better ideas and I also seem to remember that I may have been holding something in each hand which left me unable to grab the hand rail as I fell, my second faux pas!  Sometimes life brings us to a halt when we are least expecting it.  That fall certainly stopped me in my tracks, and although loads better I am still not quite there. It was an unexpected trip in itself but as the saying goes  ‘When life gives you lemons Blog’!  well almost.  A bitter life experience gave me the time to begin my blogging journey, and what an interesting and sweet lemonade tasting journey its been.


On my travels through the blogging world over the last few months I have met some really interesting people, some of which I have grown quite fond of as I have read and followed lives and stories from many different countries around the globe.  Geography was one of my least favourite subjects at school, but I have taken so much pleasure from seeing my humble thoughts being read in countries I have hardly even heard of.  Knowing that something I have written may have put a smile on the face of someone on the other side of the world has kept me warm on cold days, and touched my heart as much as I hope I have touched theirs.

I have loved reading about the ups and downs of the daily lives of people who,  like myself, enjoy putting pen to paper or finger to laptop.  It kind of puts my own life into perspective.  I could mention so many different blogs but here are a few of my favourites.

  1.  How to renovate an old run down house in France if you decide to live your dream of  ‘the good life’.  Judi Castille writes about her own ‘good life’ experiences in her lovely blog A French Homestead Life  .  Judi was one of the very first people to comment on my first post as I took the plunge into the WordPress waters.  I’m so glad she did as her positive comments and encouragement pushed me forward to find my voice and I’m still using it 7 months later.
  2. How to stay tucked up in your house as a big brown bear ambles past your car on the driveway (can’t say Id be happy with that), or how to bring a very poorly chicken back to life with a lot of patience and love.  I stumbled across Gary’s Blog One Life quite by accident but I’m so glad I did.  He has so often made me chuckle as I drink my morning cuppa but I am also touched by his heartfelt words and his Spiritual journey.
  3. How to write a good Haiku.. I enjoy writing poetry but have never tried this style. I have however loved reading the poems and thoughts of another lovely lady in her blog The cronechronicler .

The thing I have come to love about blogging is that you get to meet such a wide variety of people, of all ages, and from all walks of life, and I have begun to realize that we all have so much to gain and learn from each other.

Image 26-03-2018 at 18.02

This week I received this badge of honour to say that I had reached the milestone of 100 followers and it was a great little moment.  I blog because I love to write, I’m not expecting fame or fortune, but it somehow works for me at this moment in time.  100 followers is a rather lovely boost and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for taking the time to stop by, and especially to those who have taken their coats off and lingered a while.  If I could offer you a vanilla latte and a slice of cake I definitely would.


My reasons for starting this blog may have been rather painful at first,  but each post has carried me through a little further and reading about the lives of so many different people from so many different places has been a heart warming journey in itself.



Love Alison x









24 thoughts on “Painful blog beginnings.

  1. This is a beautiful ode to blogging, Alison, and congrats on the follower milestone! I’m sorry to hear about that nasty accident but it’s actually a lemon of a blessing, as you say, as it introduced you to the blog world. HUGS

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  2. So much to say – 1) I think lots of writing comes from a place of some pain. I know I often feel so much better, happier after writing. 2) Those stairs are beautiful, but I could so much see myself flying down with stocking feet too – your fall could have been very tragic. Yikes! 3) 100 Followers!!! Wow 4) You are so kind to mention my blog – I’m not even sure why I blog – oh yes I do, I just told you in point #1!
    I hope you have a peaceful, joyful, meaningful and loving Holy Week.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your fall, Alison, but I’m glad you’re doing better. And it’s been nice to meet you, as well. It’s wonderful getting to know so many amazing people all around the world in this unique world of blogging. Take care of yourself, Lauren ❤

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      1. What’s nice about blogging is that it’s 24/7, so no matter what time you hop on the train, you can find someone to talk to or support that you need. 🙂 Take care of You! 💕


  4. A lovely reflection on the beauty of blogging! It really allows us to get a peek into the lives, thoughts, and feelings of people from all walks of life, people we couldn’t have possibly known otherwise. And I love the saying, “When life gives you lemons, blog!” I think that’s gonna be part of my life philosophy now. 🙂

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  5. Somehow I missed this post. Ashamed and mortified as you have so kindly mentioned me. Huge Thank you. I do hope you get more followers as you write so much from the heart. Keep in trucking as they say. Xx

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      1. I have just blogged about you. Hope you don’t mind. When I have sites I love it goes in my Links I Love section. Yes busy with a dodgy headspace. It’s been a bit stressful here and I wanted to blog today and started drafting. Then I wanted to learn a bit more about blogging and in the end headed for a quiet space, tea and music. Then I saw your post. I like your staircase . Enjoy rest of weekend and if you ever want to make cheese my next post should get you started. Take care.


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