Has anyone seen my glasses?

Oh how often I can be heard using this phrase.  I don’t wear glasses all the time but as I’ve got older, and as is so often the case, I have become long-sighted.  I have to wear glasses for any close up work such as reading, blogging, sewing and so on.  I have such a clear memory of my mum at the same age, and remember watching her lowering her deep red hymn book in church to a position where she could clearly make out the words, luckily like me she had very long arms.  This week however it’s not my reading glasses that I’ve misplaced, but my  ‘Rose Tinted’  ones,  and I desperately need to find them again as life is, well just rosier with them on.

I think they must have loosened a little as my week started off with the sad news of a friend’s death.  This was a double-edged sword as I hadn’t been in contact with this friend for a long time, and although we had at one point been quite close somehow we had drifted apart, and neither of us had made the effort to stay in touch.  I’m sure this happens to many of us,  but these moments of realization often have a way of hitting us smack in the face, with a touch of reality and a tinge of regret.

A few days later while at the doctors for a routine appointment,  my glasses slipped down a little further as I threw a smile at someone I recognized across the crowded waiting room.  Walking over to greet her properly I came face to face with the knowledge that she was a very weakened version of the person I had known.  Taking the time to put my arm around her and listen to her story I discovered that she had been through breast cancer surgery having inherited the ‘BRCA’  gene, and although in recovery of sorts she had a long way to go.  I was in awe at her courage and acceptance of her condition,  and as I walked away I hoped that my small contribution of friendship had helped, if only a little.

This situation immediately reminded me of a very strong, very brave young lady, who is a special friend of my daughter Charlotte.  Due to being a carrier of the ‘BRCA1’ gene,  Abbie has had to make an incredibly difficult decision at a very young age, but whilst sat with my friend at the doctors and seeing the card that life had dealt her I felt certain that she has done the right thing.  Abbies’ heartfelt story  is well worth a read.

With my  ‘Rose Tinted’ glasses now well and truly misplaced I was thrown into my own personal conundrum when a day intended to be spent in the sunshine changed into a day helping my son Simon out of a very black hole, as the reality of independent living hit an all time low.  That boy needs a lot of  love, kindness, patience and friendship to see him through,  but im hoping that time, encouragement and support will bring more confidence in his new situation.  (Simons Story)

Well what a week, im hardly surprised that ive lost something important to me as things are usually misplaced at times like these, but as things settle down we usually find them again.  One thing ive learnt this week is that life is so precious.  We can waste so much time wishing our lives were different, wishing that we had that house or that car or were going on that holiday, but you only have to look into the eyes of someone who really knows what suffering is to know that you have everything you need.  Right here, right now, in this moment.  We just have to appreciate it and be thankful.




Love Alison x











20 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my glasses?

  1. Some sad moments there and some positive thoughts too. I am struggling a bit coping with leaving my home behind to help mum with cancer. But if you combine with looking out a little for your wellbeing too..it helps. Friendships are not always as thorough as we think and sometimes it wasn’t meant to be. We have phases in life and it does take commitment to haul all the friends along on our meandering journies through life. Do your best and care for you too.

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    1. Judi, your phrase “to haul all the friends along on our meandering journeys” hit home. I fret at times about those I’ve left behind. I know someone who keeps in touch with almost every friend she ever had. She just turned 80. I don’t know how she does it. I feel badly at times that I haven’t done better. But I’m learning to live more in the “right here, right now” as you put it, Alison. Enjoying each moment and to living without regret brings more happiness and contentment.

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        1. So true, Alison — if one person is doing most of the “friending” it’s not very satisfying. So let’s pack regrets in a box and store it with the dust bunnies. Here’s to more contentment in our lives!

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