The sweet smell of stationary.

“Dont you just love New York in the fall?  It makes me want to buy school supplies.  I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if I knew your address, on the other hand this not knowing has its charms.”

Well I’m definitely not in New York,  and it’s not quite ‘the fall’ or ‘autumn’ as us brits call it, but I’m sure many of you will recognize this quote from what has to be my very favourite movie ‘Youve got Mail’.  This film and of course the charming Tom Hanks is the reason for all my romantic notions in life.  It has been watched so many times that I have lost count, but I still keep popping it into the machine.   It continues to charm and cheer me, and leave me with a lovely warm romantic glow.  Tom Hanks always comes to mind at this time of year as I enter the super market and get a waft of  ‘eau de stationary’ whilst standing in front of all those lovely pens, pencils and notebooks,  all freshly laid out in readiness for the new school term.

Can I ?  Should I ?  Nothing tempts me more than the thought of a lovely unused new notebook, waiting to begin its journey of ideas, or a cute, colourful pencil-case filled with fresh items ready to be put to use.  I think I will treat myself.   Even though most of my writing is done on my mac I love to have a pretty new pen for diary writing, and I’m always jotting things down that I think I will want to revisit at another time.  Do you do this?  Hopefully I’m not alone as I stand wishfully in the stationary aisle, mouth-watering as if a child standing at the sweet counter.

I’m quite sure that many of my blogging friends would feel the same, and I have to join with Tom and say that “I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if I knew your address, on the other hand this not knowing has its charms.”   At this point in the film, for those who (I can’t believe have never watched it),  the two main character’s are still communicating by email and havent actually met.  I feel like I have made so many new friends since I started my blogging journey and yet the  ‘not really knowing you all’  does have certain charms.  Would we like each other if we met?  Would we get on? or is it the not knowing each other that keeps us in this place?  A place of safety maybe?

Whatever our reasons I know that I have personally learnt so much from all of you and your varied pastimes and thoughts, and so value your continued interest in reading and following my thoughts on this blog.

To that end I would like to send you all your very own ‘bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils’.  I’m hoping that you will enjoy the beautiful colours and scent as much as I do.





Love Alison x






18 thoughts on “The sweet smell of stationary.

  1. Awww, thanks for the lovely bouquet! 🙂 A favorite movie, too, along with Sleepless in Seattle, same lead actors.
    When I was a kid, I loved all the accoutrements of the new year– pencil cases, lunch boxes and maybe a new outfit.

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  2. What a lovely and charming post, Alison! First of all, that movie is one of my favorites, as well as Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan being favorite actors. Although, I haven’t seen her a while on the big screen. Anyway…the bouquet is beautiful, so thank you. And I’ll confess to being the proud owner of a million journals even though most of my writing is also done on my pc. Like you though, I do jot down thoughts in these magnificent books, and as we’re going camping again, my journal is all packed. The laptop stays home for a rest. So, thanks again for the bouquet and Happy Writing! 🌼

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    1. Thanks Lauren, im glad you liked it. Hope the camping trip goes well and Im sure there will be lots of inspiration and reason to open that journal. The summer seems to have disappeared in England at the moment so plenty of time to watch a good film.. now I wonder which it will be? 🙂

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  3. I now know what I could offer you for Christmas! I think I’m even more addicted to pencils, diary, stationary and the monthly At-A-Glance organizer then beauty products. No kidding! Lovely post Alison.

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      1. The school is starting soon and I have to buy the school supplies for my son. Every year, I tell myself that I should take care of it during the summer to avoid the rush… But of course I’m waiting at the last minute like everyone else. This aspect is a little less pleasant, I must admit.

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