Its on its way!


Do you have a favourite season?  Autumn is definitely mine.  I just love this time of year when things begin to change and  ‘you can just smell Autumn’.  I seem to remember using that line in an earlier blog post, but its the way I feel each year as the North Pole begins to lean away from the sun, and the autumnal Atlantic winds begin to blow.

As mother nature begins to prepare herself for the months ahead, life gets quite busy. Our feathered friends will begin to migrate to warmer climates.  Squirrels will be scurrying around burying their nuts and forgetting where they put them, and hedgehogs, dormice and bats will eat lots of fruit, nuts and insects to store up body fat, as they prepare for their long lay in during the winter months.  I can just imagine them snuggled in their duvets in their cozy holes with a warm pot of insect tea beside their beds.   Those of us with two legs will be starting to think of warm woolies and winter fuel and dare I say it…Christmas.

Ok so maybe we are not quite out of the summer yet and hopefully there is still some good weather ahead, but something has definitely changed and as always, it excites me.


The landscape will begin to change from tranquil green to a vivid array of reds, browns  and orange, as leaves change their colour, and fall gently to the ground.  Below my feet will be a crisp crunchy carpet which while my man would prefer to sweep it up, I would prefer to kick it around with childish glee, and when no one is looking I certainly will.  (sorry Mark!)

Autumn brings thoughts of scarves and wellies and brisk country walks, followed by a mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cream.  Hmmm if I carry on with this line of thought I’ll begin to look like a dormouse, comfortably nourished and ready for the coming months in my snug little home, but you get my drift I’m sure.  I just think Autumn is such a cosy season.


Tom Hanks (in the film ‘Youve got Mail”) might think that New York in the fall is something worth shouting about, but this Sussex girl in the midlands thinks that Autumn in England is pretty cool too, and it’s definitely a season which encourages creativity.  My next few posts will be tinged with autumnal colours and vibes and I hope you will enjoy reading them, and by the way if you can’t get hold of me over the weeks ahead don’t worry,

I’m probably not far away!






Love Alison x







24 thoughts on “Its on its way!

  1. I’m with you, Alison. I love the fall season for all that you mentioned. Ironically, this summer has been super consistently hot and it’s finally starting to cool off a bit. While some are bummed, I’m loving it. 🙂 💗

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  2. I have autumn on my mind! It is my favourite season as well. You will be happy to know that the Grandpa cardigan is IN this season. Yay – Cozy off-duty looks… Works for me! These are perfect for long walks. I will be enjoying the beautiful colour of the leaves. Great post Alison. I look forward the the next one on the topic.

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  3. I can’t narrow down a particular season myself. I like autumn for the same reason as you and I will join in with you, kicking the leaves about. I can’t remember the last time I have done that.

    I like also spring when the daffs come out and the snowdrops. I love to see those.

    But summer, I love too, especially if I show little signs, or none at all as I have been doing last couple of years. The summer weather just gets you out.

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  4. ” Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ” – John Keats. Autumn is my favourite time of year resplendent in all its colours. I walk my daughters Norwegian Behund puppy for 1-2 hours every day and he gets pretty frisky chasing the leaves blowing in the wind. He’s non stop action….and I’m out of breath with my arm separating from my shoulder. I like your graphics and your descriptions of nature.

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  5. I love your creative, thoughtful and inspirational description of autumn, your feelings about it and the things that come to mind when you know fall is just about here. Fall in the city is incomparable to fall in the country, the change in colors, the brisk air, the ability to walk amongst the trees experiencing nature as it slows. I’ve experienced both and being in the country for me is preferable. A hot cup of tea, warm gloves, watchinh wildlife preparing for the coming change, just reaches into my soul. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

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  6. I loved reading your thoughts on Autumn. It’s my favorite season, albeit short-lived in Texas. I think the real Fall and Spring only last a couple of weeks each! The leaves have already begun to drop. The thermometer has actually dropped a bit as well. They’re gentle reminders of the coming change!

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