Old friends and slippers

Long-Time-Friend-Quotes-006Last week I had a surprise autumn visit from a childhood friend.  We hadn’t seen each other for nearly 20 years but after just a few minutes together, intermingled with hugs, tears (mainly mine) and more hugs, we were chatting away as if we had never been apart.  That to me is the sign of true friendship, the kind that you can just slip on like that favourite old pair of slippers. You know, the ones that you mislaid somewhere along the line of life, but when you eventually find them again they are as comfy as they ever were.  Marina is just that kind of friend to me.

Do you have ‘Marinas’ in your life?  Friends that for one reason or another and without intention have faded from view, as families grow and life just gets, well,….busy! Somehow however many new friends we make, and as valuable as they are to us there is always something that remains strong and unique about the ones you grew up with.  Those friends who knew about your first kiss and who it was with,  or who shared your sleeping bag at a summer camp, even if, as is the case for me and Marina, we have allowed too many years to slip by without a hug.

Marina and I grew up in church circles and both went on to marry men who became ministers.  Oh the joys of being a ministers wife (another blog maybe!).  Marina is still married to her minister but mine unfortunately ‘threw in the collar’  in more ways than one, and during that time of change, for one reason or another, I mislaid many old friends from the past.

Over the years as we all do, I have made some very special new friends.  Friends who saw the mess and were there to help me clear it up.  Friends who came along at the right time and season.  2721725-Alan-Kay-Quote-A-new-friend-is-new-wine-when-it-grows-old-you-willThose friends are like new wine and as the days go by they are ageing into something very pleasant on the palate.  I’m not a big drinker but I’m always ready for a glass of Sue, Megan, Vivienne or Lynn when we get time to sit down together and share our news over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine

There are however for me just times in life when I have to search out that cosy pair of slippers, someone who knows me of old.   It’s even better when they just turn up unexpectedly as my lovely friend Marina did the other day.  Those friends we grew up with, who know where we’ve come from and share the memories of our youth.  Looking into the face of one of those friends is like looking in a mirror, they reflect something of ourselves and remind us of  what once was, while accepting us for the choices we’ve made, and who we have become,  because that’s what friends do.

I think I have quite a few old pairs of slippers that I havent looked out in a while.  What about you, do you have ‘Marinas’ hiding away at the back of the cupboard?  Why not  seek them out and dust them down, put them on, and remember just how very comfy they were.

You never know, they might be searching for an old pair of slippers too.




Love Alison x


31 thoughts on “Old friends and slippers

  1. A lovely post about friendships… both old and new! I’m glad you had such a special meet up with your childhood friend and there is something unique about the bond from a young age, comforting and knowing, no explanations needed, an instant connection. The girl I met on my first day in the U.K. aged six is still a close friend, we don’t often see search other but when we do we fall straightaway into easy chatter and laughter. Fantastic!

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  2. Love what you had to say here and winced once thinking about the pain involved in your relationship with the former minister. From what I can tell, you are a very good minister to many people in your life. Enjoy your blog very much.


    1. Thanks Gary, It was a very painful time and one that Im sure youll understand was more painful due to the belief system involved. Thankfully it was now a long time ago and I have four lovely young adults to be thankful for, and of course a rather cute grandson.

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  3. You certainly have a knack for making one feel all warm and fuzzy. I feel like sitting down with you by the fire and having a chat while sipping my hit cocoa. Lovely read! I’m all feeling cozy now. Ready to embrace my day.

    Thank you.

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  4. When I saw the geese, I got very excited..just like mine! I have had a chance to catch up with old friends a lot this year. With Mums illness and the passing, I have reconnected with some and increased my efforts with others. My oldest friend has spent a tonne of time with me and going forward I am helping her to make huge changes in her life, as I am now in a position to make changes in mine. Being able to give something back and both start a new journey has rekindled a lot of meaning to our relationship and our bond is as strong as it was when were just eleven years old. This year has not been a very pleasant one, but the outcome will make all our future years the stuff of dreams!

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