Englands autumn shared.

Today is a typical English autumn day.  Its cold, calm and colourful, and I couldn’t help but get out with my camera to capture some of the beauty that’s surrounding us every day.  Why not join me as I walk through my local park and take some time to notice the splendour of the season.  It’s not quite cold enough yet for wooly hats and scarfs so just pop on a warm cosy jumper and we’re away.  Enjoy!!





Last year I wrote a post called Squirrel Sunday. .  I love watching them scurrying around in the autumn leaves and today was no different.





I actually think they were enjoying posing for me as they munched on all the lovely autumn foliage.


My last post was a poem about autumn called Autumns song .   I couldn’t help but recite it to myself today as I looked around me and took in the array of beautiful colours falling from the trees.  They really are very akin to the colours of the fruit we eat.


I do hope you’ve enjoyed this Sunday afternoon walk in England as much as i have. I think its time now to go home and enjoy a lovely cup of hot chocolate to which you are also welcome.

Happy Sunday x



Love Alison x





39 thoughts on “Englands autumn shared.

  1. Beautiful photos and the squirrels seemed happy posing. I have been enjoying walking in my local park today, admiring the autumn colours. I have shared it on my blog, the local park. 🙂

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  2. I did enjoy the walk, wonderful scenery. I used to take my daughters puppy for a walk through the Autumn woods and he would go wild over the squirrels. They were very cheeky and would literally taunt him before they ran up a tree.

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  3. It is a lovely time of year to walk, isn’t it? My daughter is in training for her Duke of Edinburgh Award so we are trying to walk every Sunday. It is such a brilliant way to exercise, connect and enjoy nature. Your squirrel did make me laugh.

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