Peacock in the Peaks.

Don’t you just love those unexpected moments in life when something, well, totally unexpected happens?  This morning was one of those moments.  Having just watched a buzzard swooping and gliding through the sky and loving the new experience, a loud hooting was heard coming from the garden so off I dashed camera in hand.


I was in for a complete surprise when I saw this rather majestic lad standing proudly on our garden wall.  I was even more surprised at the thought that peacocks roamed wild in the Peaks, but of course they don’t and I was soon put right on that train of thought but excited none the less at the unexpected photo session standing before me.


Maybe one of my four children had sent it for a quirky Mothers day surprise, but no,  later we were to find out that it belonged to a local farmer who was quite shocked that it had made its way to us.  I assured him however that it was more than welcome to visit again.


Of course, I was hoping that we might get a glimpse of that beautiful tail, but I think a female would have been needed as it is usually for her benefit that he shows off his full glory.


It was just one of those special little moments in life that brings a bit of unexpected excitement and joy into the day ahead and of course I was a little sad when the time came to say goodbye.


Do come again!


Love Alison x



34 thoughts on “Peacock in the Peaks.

  1. Lovely shots. Peacocks and turkeys visit our backyard often but don’t stay to pose. A racoon too came and we could take his video through our window, as he went round and round in the garden.

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  2. I saw Colin last night and I was telling him how much I like your blogs. Hope all is well x I used to live in Derbyshire xx Mel

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    1. Ah really mel where did you live? Glad you had a good time and im glad you enjoy it. Im not sure Colin ever reads it😏, it was lovely to see him though. Its a rare occasion with them all living so far away and im not a good flyer. Xx


  3. Alison, what a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise and thank you for sharing this most unusual and spectacular visitor with us. Peacocks are glorious, their call unique and loud! Glad you found the owner in the end, although I wouldn’t be surprised if you have another visit, the peacock looks content in your garden. Fantastic photos to accompany your post.

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