The countryside sleeps.


As the golden sun sets, over green velvet fields,

stitched neatly together with grey stone walled thread,

the countryside gently settles down to sleep.


The evocative voice of the curlew

slowly begins to fade

as cattle seek shelter, from the nighttime breeze.


A faint whisper of leaves is all that is heard,

as a blanket of silence is thrown over the earth,

and curtains are drawn on the crimson sky.


As darkness prevails there is one final voice

as the owl starts to speak,

and it’s eerie call travels across the night.

We sleep.





Love Alison x






9 thoughts on “The countryside sleeps.

    1. It certainly is a real breath of fresh air from where I have lived over the last 30 years Eliza, more like where I spent my childhood but on a much greater scale. It really is so interesting and beautiful. Although a little lacking in humans at times, but we do have fairly close neighbours and the villages are only a couple of miles away.

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