Tractor Dance.

Over the last few weeks, the tranquility and peace of the countryside have been replaced with the rattle and clatter of farm machinery as tractors have been hurtling past our cottage at breakneck speed.  Ambling poultry has had to run for cover as Farmworkers, (often complete with toddler on knee) have been working hard from early morning till late at night.  Silaging had begun.



If you had asked me a few months ago what ‘Silage’ was, I don’t think I would have had an immediate answer.  However, I have taken great pleasure in watching and listening to the process of Silaging, as surrounding farmers have been busy, harvesting the grass which will keep their livestock fed through the winter.

For anyone who is interested in reading about the process, you can read about it  here

It really has been interesting to watch.  I’ve often seen it happening whilst traveling along country roads, but having it happen on the doorstep makes it much more exciting unless of course, you are a chicken!


“look out Chuck! here comes another one”.  Luckily they enjoy a good dust bath.

Here are a few of the photos I’ve taken of the hard work that’s been going on around me.







I bet that’s one farmer who will be glad to get home for tea tonight.  It really has felt like ive been watching ‘The dance of the Tractors’.



Love Alison x






10 thoughts on “Tractor Dance.

  1. Lovely post Alison, great photos, such a marvelous area you live. The most forgotten and hardest working people are farmers. When I visited my sister in Wyoming (she’s surrounded by farms) so I too was able to see the process of silage and many other processes, then to watch the cattle huddling in the freezing winter snow with that feed to keep them warm, what a hard life those farmers have.

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  2. I always enjoy so much your words and pictures. I wonder if they will get a second cutting in a two more months, or the growing season allows for only one? Tell the chickens to “stop, look, and listen” before crossing the road!

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  3. Thanks Lisa, yes the chickens have been living risky lives over the last couple of weeks. We have had to put them in their house a lot of the time rather than let them roam free. They do seem to get out of the way though.


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