Parfum de tomate.

While having a play around with my blog layout as I felt I needed a little spark of freshness, I came across this blog I wrote at some point after my mum had died. It did me so much good reading it and realizing how life has a way of moving us forward. I still miss her but it is a kinder feeling now and that is what she would have wanted.

Through rose tinted glasses.

Grief can be a tricky emotion to navigate, but for many of us the experience is very much like the waves on the sea.  To begin with those waves are like a tsunami, hitting us unexpectedly with a force that we can’t control and can’t escape however hard we try.  But, as time passes they become a little less powerful and we become more adept at surfing the waves than being knocked down by them.  Since my mum passed away it has taken me a good year to get to a place where I’m aware that the gaps between those waves are getting wider, and I can enjoy the moments of still clear water before I have to jump the next one or just let it wash over me.

A few weeks ago I bought a tomato plant.  I didn’t think anything of it as I was choosing it, or paying…

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