Rosettes and Waggy Tails!

It was so lovely to wake up to a glorious, sunny Peak District day yesterday as The ‘Lord of the Manor’ and I, with Jess in tow, were off to the Hartington Country Show.  Well I guess having been here for 7 months now, a country show was a must to make us feel like we really were morphing into a true country couple.



It was the 122nd Hartington Wakes Sports and Country show, and as we walked onto a large field full of  ‘vintage tractors and cars, along with Steam fuelled machinery and farm animals of all descriptions, it wasn’t long before I was imagining what that first show would have been like all those years ago. Although it would have changed and grown over the years, I’m quite sure that the sense of fun and enjoyment, and the feeling of community that a show like this creates, would have been the same.  It was a good day and I would recommend it to anyone, but for me it was extra special in an unexpected way.

As with all country shows there was a ‘home-crafts’ section where people could enter all sorts of crafts from Jam making to photography.  Having been encouraged to enter some of my photos by my neighbour, I peeked through the tent opening to see if I could see any results.


The judging was still going on, so I crept quietly away and busied myself elswhere.

A little while later my phone rang, it was Mark with news of my win!  He had sneaked into the tent and had been making his way along the various photography categories convinced that I hadn’t won (he really needs to believe in my talent more as probably do I).  I think he had to pick himself up from the floor as he saw I had won a ‘1st’ in the farm animals category and a ‘2nd’ in the black and white category!!  What a happy ‘country girl’ I was, although for a while I was just in shock.  I have never won anything before so my spirits were certainly lifted and it was a great boost to continue my relationship with my camera.

That win alone made our day but more was yet to come when Jess, having pleaded with the ‘Lord of the Manor’ to enter her into the waggiest tail competition, came wagging out of the ring with this.


How could she not get a 1st!  She really is the happiest, waggiest, loveliest Jess.

Happy and smiling (if a little tired) and in need of a good old English ‘cup of tea’,  we made our way home and settled down, still basking in the afterglow of winning.


What a great day at the Hartington Wakes Sports and Country Show.  We are now, all three, well and truly countryfied.



‘Love ewe Mum’                                     ‘Unconditional Love’




Love Alison x











30 thoughts on “Rosettes and Waggy Tails!

  1. Wow, well done. That was some day. You have really become a country girl! I think we have lots of shows in France but haven’t yet had time to seek out. And a cuppa to celebrate. Perfect.

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