Pefectly imperfect.

How are you feeling as we make our way into the coming New Year?  Are you excited? with a list of new years resolutions, and plans to improve on the year gone by.  Or are you feeling the January blues, a little sad that Christmas is over and maybe wishing that you hadnt eaten quite so much, as you step onto the bathroom scales with your hand over your eyes!  (Ive hidden mine for now!).

I guess there is always a bit of a ‘lul’ as we move away from the festivity and back into normality, and we all need a little time to adjust to the quietness that can ensue after such a busy, bustly family time.  I for one am missing the company of my children as they have all gone back to their own homes and lives.  I love nothing more than having them altogether in one place and watching them interact with one another.  We are certainly not a perfect family, but one thing I do know is that they all love each other, despite the differences that pop up from time to time throughout the year.

There have been some big changes in my childrens lives this year.  My son Jordan and his fiance Ruth got married, and although they did it in secret (a tough one at the time for mum), I am really happy that they have made that commitment to each other as they move forward with little Arlo Frank, who by the way is the ‘cutest grandchild ever!’

My eldest son Kevin and his girlfriend Shona have had the opportunity to buy their first home together, and moved in just before Christmas with my Grandog ‘Elvis’.  They are totally crazily in love with that little chap so it wasnt a surprise to see the decoration that regalled the front of their new house as they enjoyed getting ready for the Christmas festivities.

I helped Simon put his tree up for the second Christmas in his Flat.  His move into supported living has on the whole been a really positive one.  And although we still have constant little hurdles to get over, it has given him the best chance to live as independant a life as is possible.  Well done Simon!


My daughter Charlotte has moved into a flat in London with her boyfriend James, and is continuing to love ‘London Life’.  She has done a lot of work as a dancer but is now wanting to move towards an acting career, and as focused as she is I have no doubts that she will stick with her plans.  For anyone who’d like a peek, she was the star in Jack Whitehalls  ‘Christmas with my Father’  which can be seen on Netflix.  She is part of the Dance that is shown at the end of the show.

Well what a lot of changes.  We give our children the best start we are able to give them. Then we let them go to make lives of their own, in the hope that we have instilled good values in them, and provided a solid foundation from which they can grow.  The letting go process for parents is not a simple one time act, but a gradual learning curve. Watching our grown up children living their own lives and making their own decisions will at times undoubtedly challenge our own expectations, along with making us very very proud!

I wonder what this New Year will bring?  I could make some New years resolutions and set some goals which I may or may not keep, but ultimately I plan to give it my best.  To show kindness to those around me and to myself.  To care for the world I live in, and the people who live in it with me.  To improve on the mistakes I made last year and be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.   I am after all ‘perfectly, imperfect’ and I’m ok with that.



Wishing you all a  really Happy and healthy 2020!  Happy New Year!


Love Alison x












26 thoughts on “Pefectly imperfect.

  1. Happy New Year Alison, you have a lovely family and a wonderful tradition to keep that close feeling of love keeping you all connected even though everyone is on their own journey now. You have a great way of looking at things because no matter where everyone is, we are all an anchor of support and light for each other for as long as we are on this earth. xo

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  2. Wonderful to hear about Christmas with your whole family. Your children sound like they are finding their way in new homes with loving partners and a sense of direction they intend to follow. Happy New Year, Alison.

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