The Simple Things.


Don’t you think that more often than not it is the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure.  They may not be the most exciting, adrenaline rushing, post a picture on facebook type moments, but they are the moments that make our day to day life just that extra bit special.  Yesterday I was sat alone in a cafe in a nearby town.  The winter sun was streaming through the shop window, and with my hands cupped around a sweet smelling Vanilla Latte and with a paper to read, I suddenly found myself engulfed in contentment.  It was one of lifes simple moments, but it was the kind of moment that I really cherish.  It got me thinking about some of the other simple but smile inducing moments in my life, and as a blog formed in my mind I quickly jotted them down ready to share with you today.

Eight Simple moments that make me smile and bring contentment to my life.

1. The first glimpse of new shoots emerging from the ground.  This always catches me by surprise and in the darkness of winter, hope is stirred. Snowdrops.  Smile No. 1.

2. An unexpected thankyou card from my grandson Arlo.  Of course he didnt write it himself, hes a bright little button but not quite up to that yet.  Opening that card one morning after Christmas, really made my day.  With the ease of Social Media cards are becoming a thing of the past, but for me nothing beats the extra effort made and the joy it gives to the receiver which in this case was me!  Smile No. 2.

3. A meal prepared for me.  Having been a mum of 4 and always the one doing the cooking, it is sheer heaven when Im handed a meal that has been cooked for me.  The ‘Lord of the Manor’ enjoys cooking, and I definitely enjoying eating his culinary efforts!  The food seems to taste so much better when its just placed in front of me.  Smile No. 3.


4. A text from my Aunty.  I always liked my Mums Sister but it wasnt until my Mum was diagnosed with cancer that our relationship became stronger, and has continued to grow.  A text to say  ‘lets have a chat later’  reminds me how important friendship is, and the need to hear a voice rather than just an exchange of texts is an important one for both of us.  Although we have quite a few years between our ages, I value her input in my life and Im pretty sure she values mine too.  Our friendships are so important and taking the time to talk is something we all need to do.  Smile No. 4.


5. A Winter Lamb.  On my way to the cafe I was surprised to spot this little chap in the field with his mum.  Spotting the first Spring Lambs in the fields always sends me running for my camera.  It was lovely to see this one, and thankful that I had my camera with me in the car the brakes went on.  Luckily no-one was behind me, as I leapt out of the car, and quickly snapped away.  Smile No. 5.

6. Nonna moments.  Special moments with Arlo are precious as Im sure all those of you who are priveledged to be Grandparents will agree.  The love I feel for my Grandchild is a special feeling, and it brings a new warmth as we cosy up together.  Smile No. 6.


7.  Muddy Sheep.  Every time I drive past these muddy guys which is quite often, I slow down and watch them.  I have been waiting for a dry day to take a photo.  I chuckle at their rather off white coats, and the pleasure they must have as they roll around in all that mud.  Definitely Smile No.7.


8. A Country walk on a frosty morning.  It was lovely waking up to some frost today, and nothing is simpler than a lovely fresh country walk.  Its healthy and invigorating and gives some time to think, so to round up my lifes simple moments it is definitely Smile No. 8.


So there we have it.  8 Simple moments that bring me a whole heap of pleasure as I go through my daily life.  What moments do you treasure as you go through your day?  I expect they are very different to mine, but maybe we have one or two in common.

Life really is about the Simple Things.




Love Alison x







14 thoughts on “The Simple Things.

  1. I’m staring out the window at a snowstorm here in Canada and trying to appreciate the pretty white flakes floating down, but I think I’d much rather be gazing upon lambs and snowdrops!

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  2. Alison, such a beautiful post of the ordinary being the pure magic of life! Coincidentally I today saw the first snowdrops whilst out on a winter walk in the sun. After a winter of grey it was a heavenly day, followed by meeting friends from New Zealand. Your grandson looks adorable and what a cute card … with a son at uni I haven’t got any grandkids yet but wow, my son’s hugs just melt my heart! A lovely reminder to us all to treasure those small moments which are precious beyond words. Hugs xx

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  3. Such a lovely post, Allison! I appreciate the little things, moments, an unexpected sense of deep contentment. Right now, along with Joni, I am longing for those first spring shoots in my front entry garden bed, the most protected spot. No blizzards here but delightful snowy days interspersed with winter melt and mud. No sheep here, just Charlie, my buff Cocker Spaniel. Hubby and I have nicknamed him “Mister Muddy Feet.”

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  4. Wonderful thoughts and pictures of precious moments in your days, Alison. Being at peace means a lot to me, too. Lately I’ve spent time with my two oldest grandsons, aged 18 and 20. I feel like we are forming a new definition of generations in our family and I love it.

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