To all Mums everywhere.

Every year I look forward to the time when the English countryside is flecked with blobs of white and the occasional blob of black, as lambing begins.  Im so lucky to have them right on my doorstep and over the last week you may well have seen my car parked up, as camera in hand I stood and enjoyed the playful spring scene before me.  Im always reminded of motherhood as I stand and watch the ewes keeping an eye on their young and with that in mind I thought I would share a few photos and thoughts, and wish mums everywhere a very very blessed day.  YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! Never forget it.


It all begins with ‘Mum’    She is always there standing by my side.


Sometimes mum gets tired from working so hard, so we sit and cosy up together.  I love my mum.


Sometimes Mum lets me play with my friends but she is always close by keeping an eye on us.


Sometimes Mum races with us.  I give her a head start but I always catch her up in the end.


Sometimes I sneak away and hide but Mum always knows where to find me.


Sometimes people walk past and look at us and Mum tells me to just stand still because they like that.


We like to eat together and Mum always makes sure I have plenty of food.


At the end of a busy day when I have gone to bed, Mum likes to sit and relax and have some ‘Me time’, and I think she deserves it because she really is the greatest!


‘We laugh, we cry, we make time fly…We are best friends, my mum and I.’





Love Alison x









14 thoughts on “To all Mums everywhere.

  1. I just love these photos Alison of the sheep! So cute. The grass is so green in the first photo. What a fantastic outlook you have. Would love to visit the UK again. Won’t be for a while now though. Thanks for posting the photos. Tracey (Melbourne, Australia)

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