Lamb love.

I couldnt resist sharing some of the photos I’ve taken of lambs cosying up to each other. Im sure just like me, you are longing once again to relish in the freedom of hugging friends and family members, that you have had to distance yourself from over the last couple of months.  Human touch is so important to our well being, and its clear from these photos that we are not the only ones who benefit from it.









I never tire of watching the lambs playing and skipping in the undulating Peak District fields.  From the joy of spotting the first spring lamb, to watching as more arrive and the landscape is peppered with white woolen flecks.  They give me endless hours of pleasure with my camera.  Unlike the farmers who I think are watching them for a very different reason, it is always a season that pushes me towards becoming a vegetarian as I fall in love with their playful spirits, maybe this is the year.  I Hope you enjoyed looking at a little ‘Lamb love’.  We all need a bit of cuteness at times to keep our spirits up and these little guys certainly oooze cuteness.  Stay well!


Love Alison x


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