‘Kathleen Kelly’ “I Love Daisies.  ‘Joe Fox’. “You told me!”  ‘Kathleen Kelly’ “Dont you think they are just the friendliest flowers?”
I love this part of my very favourite film ‘You’ve Got Mail’.  I wonder how many of you agree with Meg Ryan, as I do that ‘Daisies really are the friendliest of flowers’.
Over the last few weeks as Ive been driving around the country roads of the Peak District in my Beetle, trying to soak up every last moment of its beauty and taking lots of photos, I have been struck on many occasions by the wonderful sight of the Oxeye daisies waving to me from the roadside as I drive past.  It really has felt like they have been smiling at me and saying “Good morning” or “Good aftenoon”, and I have been unable to resist smiling back at them.
They have looked particularly spectacular against the winding grey stone walls that weave their way across the Peak District Landscape.
‘Their large blooms appear from around the end of May to September and are so bright that they appear to ‘glow’ in the evening, hence the other common names of ‘Moon daisy’ and ‘Moonpenny
Did you know that the petal-plucking game, ‘He loves me; he loves me not’, is thought to have started with the Oxeye daisy. While thinking of an admirer each petal is plucked until the answer of whether love is possible becomes apparent.
Maybe I will give that a try, but for now I will just enjoy looking back at the photos I took and share them with you as I also introduce you to a ‘Daisy’ of a more metalic kind.
My lovely car.
I have had Daisy for a few years now and she really has proved her worth, and certainly owes me nothing.  To be really honest she seems more like a friend than a car and I have always felt safe and secure and a little bit ‘Hip’ as weve gone on our journeys together.  The flower on the front certainly gets noticed and she is a real bonus in getting to know people in a new place as she seems to make quite an impression.  People cant help but wave and smile.
If you are getting a rear view you will see that she even has her name neatly placed on her curvey behind, but do be warned as if you are close enough to see this you could also be in for a shock as the driver, being a tad lackadaisical (in the dreamy sense) has been known to stop rather abrubtly on seeing something she finds interesting and photo worthy!
We certainly dont want any ‘motoring  ‘Whoops a daisy’ moments.
Daisy even kept me safe when I unexpectedly had to spend a night wrapped up in her cosy Beetle arms.  Thankyou Daisy.
I hope your having a good day.  I will leave you with a few more Photos of the beautiful Oxeye Daisies.  They really are the friendliest of flowers, dont you agree?



Love Alison x

20 thoughts on “Daisy.

  1. Love the car Alison, and the photos. trust you are getting closer to the promised land. I kept singing the song by Doris day as I was reading this.

    Please, please don’t eat the daisies,
    Don’t eat the daisies, please, please.
    Please, please don’t eat the daisies,
    Don’t eat the daisies, please, please.

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    1. Thanks Len. I enjoyed writing it. That promised land is a bit of a way off at the moment. Lots of decisions to be made and derp breaths to be taken. Writing thus blog nade me realize how much i have loved where i have been living.


  2. Lovely post. Love daisies. We have many but I would love more of the happy faces. And your car…Very cute. Thinking of adding some florals to my Citroen 2CV. It’s emerald green so a few daisies would show up well and I certainly need that the speed the French drive at! And daisy can drive you ( ah that was a film wasn’t it…Driving Miss Daisy) back here any time you want..so you don’t have to be away too soon. X

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  3. Alison, so fun. My wife’s first car was a yellow Beetle she called “Ziggy,” after the comic book character. Daisy is a cool name. Did you have one of those tiny flower vases on your dashboard large enough for one flower? The first time I saw that was in a Beetle.

    My first car I bought from brother. The gas gauge was broken, so I kept a log of when I last bought petrol as well as keeping an empty can in the trunk. I had to walk to get gas on more than a few occasions. Thanks to my wife, we do name our cars – hers is Miss Scarlett and mine is the Grey Goose. Keith

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