How did you get there?

Life has taken me down a few unexpected roads over the last couple of months but im thankful that I am still able to enjoy Peak District scenes like this one.  So much of life in the Peaks looks like an artist is displaying his work on a huge life size canvas and I love it.

The passing of time gives a chance for reflection and clear communication and at the moment that is just what this sussex girl in the Peaks needs.

Internet connections are poor at the moment so my blog is a  little still but i am using the time to catch up on posts i have missed.

I hope you enjoy the photo as much as I always enjoy turning a corner, and finding an unexpected moment.

Love Alison x

17 thoughts on “How did you get there?

  1. The cow isn’t fenced in. It’s a free-range cow. Freedom, freedom. I remember when I visited my mother in Ireland. The gates would always be closed because of the farmers changing fields and driving their cows down the road. If you had our gate open you would have a few enquiring cows moseying around. Trust things are going well for you, Alison.

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    1. I think it had somehow sneaked out Len, the grass always seems greener the other side of the fence for cows too it seems. Im doing ok and the Lord of the manor and I (although the manor has gone) are talking calmly through some of the stresses that led to the present situation. maybee all is not lost, just changing.

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