Autumns city call.

As I looked out on the world this morning

The sights and aromas of autumn were calling.

City street pavements with a crisp colourful lining

Passing, masked, busy feet and transport engines whining.

Autumns scents and colours lost, as fear and worry climb

Smiles all but disappearing, no one making time.

To stop and see how nature breathes, her voice on every corner

A stolen moment is all thats needed to see the healing offered.

A world of colour crisp and bright, a beautiful array

Take off your mask, inhale, and breath, and seize the autumn day.

Love Alison x

20 thoughts on “Autumns city call.

  1. Hello there. Autumn has arrived in our parts of the world. And many of us have been inspired to write about autumn. In about eight hours I’ll press the Publish button for my next piece, which is all about fall. See you.

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  2. Alison, your last line is invigorating. It is wonderful to be outside and take the mask off and breathe. I carry my mask when I hike and don it as needed, but fresh air is an analgesic. Keith

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  3. Beautiful words, Alison, and I’ve always loved this time of year until fire season took over in 2017. Enjoy the beauty around you. I put up our fall decorations and bought pumpkins, so we’re trying to get into the spirit. 🍁🍂🧡

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  4. We are having a few warm days with a nice breeze and leaves changing a bit more every day. I’m enjoying nice walks, even on suburban sidewalks. We’ll have cold winds and snow soon enough.

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      1. That’s a good idea. I started doing that for my childrens books as it’s amazing how quick a fleeting idea runs off so fast! Problem is I now have a hige pile of loose papers to sort. But at least all the inspiration is waiting in there.


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