Autumns Orchard.

                      Clusters of colour
                      cascade and fall
                      as the breeze gently blows
                      across Autumns Orchard.

                      Leaves of Apricot
                      Orange and Pear                      
                      Lemon and Lime,
                      Russet and Plum,                      
                      fall to the ground
                      and cover the earth
                      as the breeze gently blows,
                      across Autumns Orchard.

                      A mouth-watering landscape
                      appears before me
                      as my favourite season,
                      begins to unfold.
                      And leaves, like fruit
                      rain down around me,
                      as the breeze gently blows
                      across Autumns Orchard. 

Love Alison x

18 thoughts on “Autumns Orchard.

  1. I love your posts Alison. Keep them coming xx Mel x I remember the old days when yr children were little. It’s lovely seeing Simons journey and yr grandchild (he’s so cute). I have a girl with special needs so know a bit how hard it is but also the joys when things go well xx

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    1. Ah thanks Mel. That message gave me a lovely warm feeling. Its encouraging to know that my writing us enjoyed and appreciated. Those days are a long time ago and there has been so much change. Im sure you understand the difficulties if you are in a similar situation although i think we can often feel alone when you are coping with the demands and challenges that extra needs bring. I hope your well and do good to hear from you xx


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