‘Nonna thursdays’ are becomming quite a regular event as I drive down from the Peak District every week to spend a day looking after my little grandson. Daddy makes Nonna a coffee and a little voice pipes up asking for a ‘babychino’. That little cutey loves the frothy milk and there is nothing sweeter than a two year old with a frothy milky moustache.

I was unaware until last thursday that you could ask for a ‘babychino’ in a cafe and they will bring out a small warm frothy milk. Im also told you can ask for a ‘puppy chino’, oh gosh get with it Nonna!!

I can just imagine the chaos whilst sat at a cafe with my grandogs Elvis and Burt both expecting their ‘puppychinos’ hmmmm!

Something else I was unaware of until this week was that this Nonna is going to be a ‘Double Nonna’. Hearing the news that my eldest son and his partner are expecting their first baby in may 2021 filled my Nonna heart with joy and ive been smiling to myself ever since.

I better get saving as its going to be an expensive but joyful trip to the cafe!

Love Alison x

18 thoughts on “Babychino.

  1. Ohhh how wonderful! Congratulations to all Alison. Number 3 is on the way for me in January- a grandson. I have 2 granddaughters 🥰 I’m also now married to an Italian so I should be Nonna too! Your Peak District lifestyle looks idyllic. Sadly, I still find myself working full time- that has to change!
    Sending love and all good wishes to you

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    1. Thanks Gill. Lovely times for us all especially with everything that has been going on in the world this year. Congratulation on getting married. Im in no hurry for that but you are right about the Peak District, it is absolutely beautiful and I never tire of the views around me. xx


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