A little bit of hope.

He's growing tired, and soon, 
'Old man Winter'
will hang up his cap
and bid us farewell,
clearing the way
for the 'infant spring'.

Her still, small voice
already calls 
as the years first snowdrop
raises its head, and bravely announces 
her exsistence.

A little bit of hope
in a cold, dark world
where hearts are heavy and lonely, 
and tired.
longing for change, and for the warmth 
a new season will bring. 

A season of joy, new birth
and growth.
A season where smiles are returned
and hugs are generously received,
and given. 
A season of health 
where long, deep breaths are
freely taken. 

A little bit of hope
for a season, that heals the wounds, 
and drys the tears
full of courage and strength, 
and just as the first snowdrop of spring,
we too WILL raise our heads,
and celebrate our exsistence.

Written by Alison Fielding
February 2020.


21 thoughts on “A little bit of hope.

  1. Alison, nicely done. The unfolding tulip is an excellent picture to complement your words that “we too will raise our heads and celebrate our existence.” Keith


  2. Alison, wow! I LOVE your poem and feel it’s positive energy lighting my day! Spring always brings that much-needed sense of hope, and it’s lovely how you have incorporated the snowdrop into the verse:

    ‘as the first snowdrop of spring,
    we too WILL raise our heads,
    and celebrate our existence.’

    The flowers are my favourite this time of year, so brave and sturdy, the detail amazing on them in spite of their size.

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  3. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that spring is coming. I love the delicacy of the images and the hope. I am “so over” winter. The sun is shining today, and though it’s still a little chilly (40s), it’s not gloomy and cold (teens) like it was last week.

    Liked by 1 person

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