And with spring comes Hope.

She’s here! Well very nearly. We could do with a little more sunshine to be really sure that she has arrived, but there are plenty of other signs to let us know that ‘spring’ is on her way.

The snowdrops have sadly finished and are hanging their weary heads low, they have been so pretty giving us those first hopes of spring, but in their place the sunny, yellow daffodils are standing tall and swaying gently in the fresh spring breeze. Worker bees are beginning to buzz around the garden in search of food for their colony, as the first source of pollen emerges. A slight tap tapping can be heard as a blue tit starts to make its home in a wooden bird box, nest building must be hard work but at least they seem happy with the warmth and safety of the box which must make life a little easier. The woodpecker is drumming away each morning and the curlews can be heard ‘curlewing’ in the distance. Add to the picture in your mind the happy bleating of spring lambs as they skip and play in the fields and there you have it, a Peak District Spring is well and truly springing.

Spring is such a delightful season wouldn’t you agree? and don’t we just need the hope she brings after the difficulties that we have all faced over the past year due to Covid. Although hope doesn’t disappear during the other seasons, its voice is certainly heard the loudest in springtime with the promise of increased warmth, more daylight hours, new growth and new birth. No wonder those who find the cold and dark of winter difficult to bare are lifted, as spring starts to call. Personally I quite enjoy the winter months but I do enjoy the renewed sense of hope spring brings as the landscape begins to transform around me, and of course I very much look forward to getting out and about with my camera. Spring wouldn’t be spring without a few photos of lambs on my blog.

Looking up the meaning of ‘HOPE’ my favourite definition was this:

“To cherish a desire with anticipation”. I love that word ‘Cherish’ to protect and care for someone lovingly, or to cultivate with care and affection. Isn’t that just what hope is? a thought or a feeling we have that grows within us as we hold onto, care for and nurture it, whilst holding on with anticipation to the belief that one day that hope will become our reality. Just as the hope of spring can carry us through the dark winter days, so too as we go through difficulties in our lives we can hold on to hope to bring us back into warmer sunnier times.

Emily Dickinson said that : “Hope was the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all”. I think she summed it up pretty well.

Im going to leave you with a few more spring photos and a spring wish that Hope will continue to be your friend.

Love Alison x

17 thoughts on “And with spring comes Hope.

  1. Lovely photos, Alison, and yes it’s definitely time for spring and hope of brighter days to come. I love that daffodils grow so prolifically in the UK, they are such a beautiful flower and a big sign spring is here. I’m looking forward to spring here too, we just had another snowfall a couple of days ago but now the days are warming up. xo

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    1. Thankyou Eliza, it certainly is a joyful and hopeful time and more so when the sun is shining warmly and brightly like today. It makes you want to get out and hopefully we will soon be able to do more of that if we can remember what we used to do.

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  2. Yes, spring has sprung here in Washington state, as well, but oh! those wind gusts! The sounds roaring through still bare tree branches reminded me of the ocean surf rolling in.

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    1. It gets pretty windy in places in the Peak District too, but where I am we are sheltered in between the hills so dont feel it so much. Im enjoying the sounds of nature that we are beginning to here, the owls, the curlews and the woodpeckers make it a special time.

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  3. Love this hopeful post, Alison, and the adorable photos. Orange poppies are abundant around here now and they make me smile. So glad this season is here. That quote from E.D. is one of my faves, too. xo

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