Ah : Used to express a range of emotions including surprise, pleasure, sympathy.

Yesterday morning I had to get up early and drive from the Peak District to Derby to take Simon to have his botox injections at the hospital. He has a condition called Dystonia which is a movement disorder in which your muscles contract involuntarily, causing repetitive or twisting movements. It can affect different parts of the body, but with Simon it is his eyes (blepharospasm), and his Jaw that are affected. His eyes blink ‘involuntarily’ frequently throughout the day and at times when it is at its worst he can feel like he’s going blind. Thankfully the three monthly botox injections help to keep it in control, and he is on medication which helps his jaw relax. It is so hard to watch him coping with this and often my expression of ‘Ah’ is directed with empathy and sympathy towards my son, however my drive down through the stunning Peak District Countryside was filled with so many ‘Ah’ moments of the happier kind that I lost count. I’m quite sure those moments help me deal with the day ahead whatever it brings. I think I just go from ‘ AWE! ‘ to ‘Ah’ on a regulare basis while driving that route.

The sun was shining as I left the house and my first ‘Ah’ was at the sight of a mother cow nuzzling her new born calf, I love that sight. The thrill of becoming a mother and the vulnerability and helplessness of the newborn. I am about to become a Nonna for the second time and I guess with that in my mind new birth is taking on a rather special stance.

Leaving mother and calf to their bonding I noticed how green the fields were looking, I guess its the positive side to all the rain we have had recently. Mother Nature had been out early and sprinkled yellow and blue flower dust all around, creating a peppering of colour across the carpets of green. The yellow might only be dandelion flowers but it certainly adds a special hue to the landscape.

A few more miles along and two lambs poked their heads out from either side of a barn door. I was ‘Ah-ing’ so loud I’m surprised you didn’t hear me, and for once I was relieved that I didn’t have my camera in the car. I would have stopped abruptly without thinking and jumped out to take a photo, forgetting the tractor behind me! Cameras and cars definitely don’t mix for me.

By the time I reached Derby my heart was full and I was ready for the day, all went smoothly as its a fairly quick process and Simon will feel more at ease for a while at least. We finished the morning with a bacon wrap lunch and it was time for me to return home.

The journey home was somewhat darker as the weather had changed once again, but it created a stunning backdrop of slate for the fresh, light, lime green leaves, that adorn the trees in spring.

I wish I could share those moments, especially the lambs but I’m sure you can imagine how sweet they looked and I’m still in one piece to tell you about it. Those moments that create my expression of surprise and pleasure give me strength for the times when I need to express sympathy and I treasure them every day.

Ill close with a few similar moments. Quite a few!

Stay well,

Love Alison x

22 thoughts on “Ah!

  1. On the other hand, dystonia is a word I had never heard, so I looked it up. The condition in the feet may be something I experience once in a great while, usually in my sleep. The pain wakens me, and I struggle to straighten out my toes, sometimes the whole foot. I’ve wondered whether I should consult a podiatrist.

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    1. I guess its worth an enquiry, that sounds uncomfortable. Simons jaw would be in constant spasm without his medication. Most of the time it is kept under control but i notice new movents every so often which is worrying.


  2. Alison, those photos are precious, I am awwing at each one a bit different than Ah, but a similar feeling arises. You have such keen observation skills and mindfulness to notice so much during your drive, I can see them as I read. I’m so sorry Simon suffers so, and at the same time grateful there are ways to help alleviate the challenges he lives with. What a lovely.post, your drive is like a meditation of calm before the hospital appointment. xo

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    1. I love it too Joni and yes Im thankful that there is something that can at least minimise his symptoms for a while. He struggles towards the end of the three months as we are waiting to go again but once its done it makes live more bearable for him.

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