Baby Olive

Alarm clocks ring,
It's just another day.
But in one brick built house
On one city street
A new sound is heard.
A sound that says,
WE are no longer TWO,
Looking at each other
in a fresh way,
hearts glowing with pride
they cradle the life they have created
In one brick built home,
on one city street,
it's not just another day,
It's a new beginning.

So very very thankful for the safe delivery of little Olive. Born on the 19th May at 5:07 pm. Mum, Dad and Baby Olive are all doing great and Nonna is well…One proud Nonna! As a family we are feeling immensely blessed and can’t wait for cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. Welcome to the world little girl x

Love Nonna x


27 thoughts on “Baby Olive

  1. Many congratulations to all Alison. So thrilled for you. I have 3 now with 4 and 5 expected August and October. It’s a special time in our lives.
    Gilly x

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    1. Thankyou Lauren. I was up the next morning at 5.30, writing a few words down and wondering if they had had any sleep. They are doing great and its been lovely seeing my son being so visably moved by Olives birth and the joy of becoming a parent.

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