Oh the joys.

Who would have known being a grandparent would bring so much joy. Little Olive is a real cutey and as a family we are loving getting to know this new little person.

Shes even decided already to follow Aston Villa. Daddys team, hmmmm! Im not sure she had much choice but daddy Kev seems happy.

Higher daddy higher.

No ones gonna mess with this girl!

Officially Olive.
Never to young to enjoy a good story.

Arlo is enjoying being and having a cousin but apparently when grandchild no 3 arrives at the end of the year Arlo is wanting a baby brother. 😊

I am loving being Nonna to these two. And enjoying watching my grown up children become parents. So much joy..

Love alison x

25 thoughts on “Oh the joys.

  1. What a special time in your life being able to enjoy the innocence of a brand new soul, she is so adorable and such a light, she will change your life in such beautiful ways. xx

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      1. Seeing your children’s characteristics in your grandchildren has to touch your very core. I am delighted you have experienced that. We are not there yet. Keith

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  2. I love the expression on ” no ones gonna mess with this girl”. She is going to be very determined and a fighter……….or a footballer. Absolutely stunning photos, Alison. Congratulations. You are a very lucky Nonna.

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    1. My ex husband and I were at Bible College in Italy for a year when we were 18. A long time ago . I also thought my mum was grandma and its how we remember her, i didnt want to be nanny or granny so i looked up the italian version and nonna seemed to suit. So easy to say too.


  3. She is gorgeous! You have quite a grand there! I have a friend who told me that the reason grandkids and grandparents get along so well is because they have the same common enemy…

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