Skipping and Gamboling.

Nothing says ‘spring is here’ more to me, than the sweet sight of newly born wrinkly lambs skipping and gamboling among the myriad of yellow dandelion heads in the Peak District fields.

Oohs and aahs emanate from my mouth on a daily basis as I drive past this field and that, and see those little white bundles of furry fun enjoying their first moments and days on the earth, my camera is never far away. However many photos of lambs I take each year it is always a new experience when spring returns and the lambing season begins. Im quite sure that its not quite the laid back life for the farmers who are up at all hours helping to bring these little guys safely into the world, but for me and my camera it is sheer enjoyment and fun.

Some Lamb trivia:

‘Lambs and sheep are vital to keeping the life cycle of wildlife going because they graze orchards and meadows, and keep wildlife habitats in tip-top condition. This helps us tackle invasive species of plants to allow rarer species a chance to grow and flourish, helping the biodiversity of gardens and parks we care for.’

‘Play behaviors include mounting one another (both ram and ewe lambs do this), playful butting, racing to a set location and back again, jumping on and off of rocks or dirt, leaping, and whirling in place’.

Not only will a sheep form special friendships with other individuals. Researchers believe that she may even spend time thinking about her friends when they’re not around’. (I can certainly believe this!)

I always have a crisis of conscience at this time of year especially around Easter. I love nothing more than watching and photographing these spring arrivals, but I also enjoy sitting down to a lovely roast lamb dinner. I wrestle with myself, and a little guilt over this on a yearly basis but haven’t found the solution yet.

They really do fill the fields with a lot of fun. Like little children finding their way in the world, stepping out a little further each time, but knowing that mum is never far away. Sometimes its hard to find the right mum so best to tag along with some friends till you find her.

Watching the Ewes with their lambs is such a heartwarming experience. Its a countryside picture of unconditional parental love, kindness, goodness, warmth and safety.

Need I say more, I think not.

Love Alison x

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