White Sheep

I always think of Sheep as being white until it snows, then they suddenly become a rather mirky shade of yellow as they forage around knee deep, hoping to find something to eat under the white blankets that now cover their once green fields,

Driving up to the Peak District today was like driving through a Christmas story book, just a few months too late. I even started singing “its beginning to look a lot like Christmas” which it was, but of course it Isn’t….Christmas that is. The branches of the trees were heavily laden with melting snow, and I jumped in my seat as a bit of snow like a large dollop of ice cream landed on my windscreen. I love driving along country roads at any time of year but it was especially beautiful today, if a little risky.

The snow has arrived late this year. We usually get a covering at the beginning of December giving us a little hope of a White Christmas, only for it to disappear and then re-appear in February. I always look forward to it, and even though a little late it was a welcome sight. It was ‘proper snow’, the kind you can roll and form a huge ball from a pea size beginning. I love the crunching sound as the body or head of a snowman is formed. However this year only a couple of snowballs were thrown as we enjoyed walking ‘wellie deep’ in the 16 inches of snow that had fallen, Jess was a little perturbed as her jet black paws sank into the white ground beneath her.

As for the sheep, well I guess I will continue to think of them as white as I watch them through the year munching on the green grass, until once again it snows and…..they turn to yellow!

Happy Snow Day

Love Alison x

12 thoughts on “White Sheep

  1. What a lovely drive, a nice walk for Jess and you got to see some snowy fields. I love the photos of the sheep, even if they’re yellow, they remind me of when they herded sheep through the small town in Germany I lived in as a girl. xo

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  2. I had a feeling if we were going to have snow, then it was going to be late and we be having it now.
    When I first seen the first snow flakes, I was feeling surprisingly excited. It didn’t settle completely until second day here. But its nearly all melted.

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