Oh no, I forgot the pinenuts!

Do you enjoy sitting out in the garden?  Today in the Peak District the warm healing rays of the sun are there for the taking, and sitting in the garden is a total delight.  There is a faint whisper of a breeze which pleasantly takes the edge off the midday heat, and if it wasnt…

Covid-19 and Special needs.

How are you coping at the moment with this new way of life?  as we carefully keep our distance from those that we really want to just fling our arms around and hug.  Today in England it is warm, bright and sunny so the day is passing fairly pleasantly for me, but my son Simon…

To all Mums everywhere.

Every year I look forward to the time when the English countryside is flecked with blobs of white and the occasional blob of black, as lambing begins.  Im so lucky to have them right on my doorstep and over the last week you may well have seen my car parked up, as camera in hand…


Having just been outside in the dark with the dog, my torch fell upon the first crocus buds of the year, and although not snowdrops, I was immediately reminded of my poem as the feeling they envoked was just the same. Hope you enjoy a re-read.

Through rose tinted glasses.

As dark days of Winter
begin to fade,
and the face of hope
is not far away,
first signs of spring 
begin to show
small white heads 
above the snow.
Reminding the heart
that dark times fade
and sadness for laughter
we can trade,
as nature performs
her wonderful thing,
the changing of seasons
from Winter to Spring.

By Alison Fielding.


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The best laid plans.

Did you do anything special for Valentines Day?  On February 14th It was a year since we moved to the Peak District.  A rather special Valentines Day meal was booked in advance by the Lord of the Manor, a dress was bought, and we were looking forward to a lovely evening out to celebrate the…