Do you find comfort at times in your own creations and writing? I smile to myself when I find strength from a past post or poem. I thought I would re-post this today as I needed to read it and maybe it will bring hope to others too.

Through rose tinted glasses.

When life is tough
And all is dark
And the tunnels end
is out of sight,
And days are endless
and minutes as hours
tick slowly by
as a fretful night.
Make hope your friend.

When love is lost
and grief weighs down
and tears like raindrops
fall from the heart,
and the moments on waking
are too much to bare
and your faced with a day
that has no start.
Make hope your friend.

Hope is the buoy 
that keeps you afloat
that steers your ship
through the roughest of storms,
the northern star
and guiding light
the unseen blanket
keeping you warm.

The upholder of dreams
the strength to move on
the path to a future
when none can be seen,
an acceptance of now
knowing change will come
And flowers will blossom
where thorns had once been


By Alison Fielding.


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