And then there was one!

Many of you have enjoyed the blogs I have written about my two girls.  Having grown tired of city life, they journeyed to the Peak District with me in a box on the back seat of my beetle,  and have been living the chicken ‘life of riley’ ever since.


Sadly, after a bout of illness which had lasted a while and hadn’t responded to treatment, we had to say goodbye to Cilla.  She had been laying lash eggs which you can read about here and unfortunately did not recover.  We were sad to say goodbye to a feathered friend that had been the instigator of a lot of fun and laughter and photo opportunities.


Even the ‘Lord of the Manor’ had become rather attached to this old lady as they followed him along on his walks.


They never followed me, but I think it may have been something to do with the rather tasty treats he carries around in his pocket!

It’s always sad when we loose someone that we have cared for whether hen or human,  and someone is usually left alone and a little lost.  I will be keeping my eye on Ginger as she pecks her way through her coming days without her companion.  They were never far away from each other and I’m quite sure that life must seem a little empty for her.


I’m leaving you with a few of my favourite ‘Cilla pics’ and a bright poem by Emily Dickinson which reminded me of the countryside where Cilla spent her happy days.





Love Alison x






9 thoughts on “And then there was one!

  1. Our pets, including our chickens, have an uncanny ability to connect us to life. I’m sad reading this but also grateful. How good for her to spend time in the great place you live and how good for the lord of the manor to get time to walk with the chickens in such a beautiful place.

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