A Christmas rainbow.

How do you feel when you see a rainbow?  Does it remind you of Gods Promise to Noah in the Bible?  the pot of gold at the end?  or like me does it just fill you with awe and a renewed sense of hope.

I have been amazed at the sheer splendour of the rainbows in the Peak District. They are in another class to the city rainbows I am used to seeing and I wish I had a better photo to share with you.  Unfortunately I am usually driving when I see one, and my automatic reaction to reach for my camera when I see something worth snapping means, that for safety reasons I generally dont mix the two activities.

The other day as I was driving back from a Christmas shopping spree I was aware that my thoughts had become a little sad, then as I turned a corner there in front of me was the most incredible rainbow that I have ever seen.  Oh how I wanted to capture that moment, that instantly caused my body to break out in goose pimples.  It was a perfectly formed arc and so beautiful.  It felt like Mother Nature had given me one of her special gifts just at the moment I needed it.  A little early for christmas maybe, but a special gift none the less.  A gift that took me out of my momentary sadness, and filled me with a fresh sense of hope.  Dont we all just need that at times.

Having read a little about rainbows I discovered that they can often be a full circle, but we only see them as an arc above the ground as the sun illuminates the droplets of rain.  One fact that amazed me is that no two people see it in the same way, as it depends how the light is being reflected back to you.  So sighting a rainbow really is a very individual experience.

A rainbow is something beautiful that emerges when the rain is dying down and the sun is beginning to shine.  Christmas is just around the corner and for many it will be a time of joy filled with childhood excitement and smiles.  However, for many that joy and excitement will be tinged with some sadness as minds turn to those we have loved who are no longer here to share that joy with us.  Life is such a mixture of rain and sunshine, but a rainbow reminds us that difficult times do pass, and nature has a way of  giving us little bursts of hope to keep moving us forward.

‘When it looked like the sun wasn’t going to shine any more, there’s a rainbow in the clouds.’

I hope you are enjoying the lead up to this festive time of year, but if it is a time that brings up some feelings of sadness as well as joy then I hope you too will be given the gift of a Christmas Rainbow.





Love Alison x












19 thoughts on “A Christmas rainbow.

  1. I just love rainbows, they are magical and beautiful, wonderful post. Like you my opportunities to photograph rainbows hasn’t always been at the best time or with the best equipment, someday I am sure that will change.

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  2. Alison, I’m with you for loving rainbows and they always manage to lift the spirits … they have their own innate sense of beauty and peace! How true that we often see them when out and about in the car – so glad you resist that urge to reach for the camera and take a pic! 😀 Here’s to rainbows galore for 2020! 🌈

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy start to 2020! Hugs xx

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