‘Twit twoo’

From the day I moved to the Peak District, seeing an owl was on my list of most hoped for sightings. I dont think ive ever seen one other than in captivity. Im sure you can imagine my excitement when i saw these two ‘Little Owls’ cosied up next to one another and clearly very much in love.

‘Little Owls’ hunt at night and dawn and can be seen all year round during the day. They like to perch on a tree branch, telegraph pole or rock, or in the case of my owls a roof top. It certainly made for a very romantic place to do their courting and im sure the safety and warmth of the little barn provided a good place to bring up their young.

A neighbour had told me that there was often one sat on the roof of the little barn, but due to their colour they are quite camoflaged against the old roof timbers and tiles. Im quite sure that many a walker goes past without a second glance, little knowing what they are missing.

I have loved laying in bed at night listening to the eerie but soothing ‘twit twoos’ of the owls and although I dont think these little owls make quite the same call as other larger owls I was thrilled to capture them on camera none the less.

I do hope youve enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them

Twit twooo to you!

Love Alison x

24 thoughts on “‘Twit twoo’

  1. That is such a wonderful story and experience, that is my dream too, you were fortunate to have such a visible place for owls to sit, I have 76 foot pine trees so not so easy to see.

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  2. Thank you for this love song! I’ve never seen a pair of owl love birds, only doves, especially our pair of resident doves. The other day I happened to catch them nestled, side by side, in the back lawn. I say “in” instead of “on” because the mowing guy had yet to arrive that week.

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  3. Alison, these are brilliant and I’m thrilled that you got to see the owl in the wild … their night calls are wonderfully evocative but I have yet to see one near to home. I am impressed by how well catalogued they are and you did well to spot them!

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