I have so many good feelings after watching this new Cinderella Film. As well as being a great fun movie, it has a really strong message running through it for women everywhere (and maybe for men too!). For anyone who is struggling with self esteem issues, or relationship difficulties in their lives at the moment I would highly recommend it, especially if you feel that you are alone in the world or that the dreams you are chasing and your belief in yourself is being thwarted.

The message is loud and clear…I CHOOSE ME!

It is a modern take on the traditional Cinderella story and they have really excelled.

But all of that aside I was also filled with such pride, happiness, excitement and joy as my daughter Charlotte is one of the 12 princesses in the ball scene, and also features in different places throughout the film. My little girl had a dream which she has held onto and worked (often in insignificant jobs) to keep her dream alive. I am and always will be so very proud of her.

Do watch it. Im quite sure you will enjoy it.

Love Alison x

19 thoughts on “Cinderella

    1. It is a very modern take on the original cinderella story and im sure not everyones cup of tea keith . So lovely seeing Charlotte dancing in it. I dont know if your familiar with the film ‘Cool Runnings’ where a mum shouts out “my boys on tv!!” Well i definitely felt like shouting “my girls on tv” and if truth be known i did😊

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      1. Alison, I am not familiar with that one, but can appreciate the context. My wife and tend to like movies that critics don’t rate highly (and some they do). I have this thing for plots, characters and dialogue. We also like musicals. So, this sounds appealing. Keith

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  1. I smiled when I read this because I just watched Cinderella too, I do love musicals and had been waiting for it’s release. What a proud mum you must be, your daughter is beautiful and so talented, how great to be cast in such an adventurous version of an old classic. I was happily surprised at her response to his proposal of royal life. Yes it is a great message for all women to choose themselves every time, it’s not easy after years of being taught to put everyone else before ourselves. Love this post, Alison. xx

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      1. The Universe disguises difficult situations as a new and better direction in life. I am proud of you for choosing yourself, your life will only go where it is best for you. In 2017 when I was in a very difficult situation I chose me and the Universe brought the change I wanted and needed for a long time to move home to Arizona and things have only gotten better. xx

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  2. Congratulations to your daughter and bet this will be your favourite film!! An interesting take on a famous story! Will your daughter be looking to get more film parts and become part of that world?

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  3. I haven’t seen previews, Alison, so thanks for sharing the trailer, and Big Congrats to your daughter (and proud mum) for her part in this modern Cinderella. She’s beautiful and it’s wonderful that she’s chasing her dreams and catching them. 🙂 xo

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  4. First, congratulations to your daughter. That is super exciting. Not having prime, I haven’t seen it, but my stepdaughter has raved about it. I will let her know about your daughter.

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