The Christmas Tree…. a potted tale.

I am just sat looking at a rather large Christmas tree in the corner of the lounge, which is just crying out to be decorated. It reminded me of a post I enjoyed writing last year. Im having one or two problems with my blog, and as I cant post new blogs at the moment I thought I would revisit an old one. I hope you enjoy reading it second time around.

Love Alison x

Through rose tinted glasses.

Legend has it that on a cold Christmas Eve in a forest keepers cottage, as the family were gathered around the fire to keep warm, there was a knock on the door.  On opening it they found a small boy lost and alone so they welcomed him into their home, washed and fed him, and put him to bed.  On Christmas morning the family were awoken by a choir of angels singing, and the little boy had become Jesus the Christ child.  Going out into the garden he broke a branch off a fir-tree and gave it to the family as a present to say thank you for their kindness.  Ever since then people have brought a Christmas tree into their homes to remember that night.

This German legend was my favourite out of many different stories and beliefs about the origin of the custom we have all come to…

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