Awe: A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear and wonder.

I have recently opened two different magazines which both contained articles on the impact that moments of ‘Awe’ have on our well being and mental health..

You know those moments when you see something unexpected and you are struck with awe, AWESTRUCK! Those moments when you are filled with a sense of amazement and wonder, with a slight chill running down your spine at the sight before you. Its a very powerful feeling that wouldn’t normally be a daily occurrence, but I have to say that living where I do in the Peak District National Park that feeling is a pretty regular occurrence for me. I am blessed for sure, and If those articles are correct then my health, both mental and physical are getting a constant boost of goodness.

If I could bottle it I would, then I would send it to all of you with a label reading ‘MOMENTS OF AWE’ from The Peaks. One moment to be taken before or after food, when in need of a lift.

Of course sadly I can’t bottle these moments but I can share them and hope that in doing so you will get a sense of the wonder and respect I have for the landscape around me.

One awesome moment as I turn the corner and see this scene spread out before me. A dose of Awe.

These hills evoke a sense of the majestic as you glance over the grey stone wall and take in the goodness of the moment. Another dose of Awe.

A sunrise or sunset is always a good AWE inducing moment. This sunrise over a snow covered field certainly started the day off in an AWESOME way.

The crisp stillness of this moment was pretty breathtaking capturing the inversion mist over the hills.

A rather magical, surprising moment as this ewe emerged silently from behind the tree, and stood proudly above us as we climbed the hill. We knew for sure who’s hill it was!

The never ending lines of yellow daffodils guarding the country lanes over the last month have been a total joy, and there have been awe filled moments of colour around every corner. I am filled with so many moments of awe and wonder as I drive around the Peak District, and if you add in the ‘Hallelujah chorus’ in the background from the car radio, the whole experience is quite incredible.

I do hope that this weekend will bring you some awesome moments that lift your spririts, but just in parting I will leave you with more of an ‘Ah’ moment! Stay well and positive.

Love Alison xx

13 thoughts on “AWE!

  1. Allison, that was awesome! It must be equally awesome to live surrounded by such pastoral beauty. And don’t we all sigh “Ah…” at the sight of a cute little lamb.

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  2. I wish you could bottle those moments of “Awe” Alison. Such gorgeous and awe-inspiring scenery, indeed. We have a street around here that is flanked with orange California poppies and awe is what I feel each time I drive along. Orange has become one of my new vibrant favorite colors. I wish I could snap a few pics, but I can’t do that while driving and there is nowhere to pull over. Thanks for sharing these photos, along with the song, one of my favorites that never ceases to give me goosebumps. And that little lamb…aww…Enjoy living in those beautiful surroundings. ❤️

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    1. Thankyou Gary. Ive not written about it but Mark and I are giving things another go after our covid crisis. We are in a different house, but still in the Peaks. Lots of changes but I have wanted to let some time pass to see how things worked out . We are living higher up and the scenery is stunning. Defintely good for the soul.

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