Driving back to the Peak district today after a day spent enjoying Arlos’ company and being the best Nonna I could be, I was aware of how my body began to relax as I got my first sighting of those wonderful green hills. It was as if all my problems and worries started to ebb away as my mind began to focus on the beauty around and before me.

Endless miles of lime green hills, and fields dotted with salted caramel coloured cows. I could almost taste the goodness of country life as my shoulders dropped and I was flooded with a sense of peace. I needed that moment.

I didnt do very well at school and left with few qualifications. The school of life however, if indeed it gave out diplomas for wisdom gained throughout our lives, would I am sure present me with a 1st in ‘Simology’. Acheived after 34 years spent as Mum and carer to my son Simon, and boy have I had to work hard for that certificate.

I had no formal training but had to learn on the job and now, well, we just have to face each new situation as it arises and draw on experience gained, as we get through another storm with the knowledge that the sun will soon shine again.

The whole ‘Covid’ situation has certainly created a minefield of difficulties just waiting to explode. The ‘Art of Simology’ however, is to detinate the bomb before it blows up, but this isnt always possible and on a few occasions during the last few months Simon has found himself in some very low places.

My heart goes out to all parents of children or adults with extra needs and mental health issues, at this difficult time in our world. Routine is so important to them so when something like Covid-19 disrupts that routine it is no wonder that confusion, frustraion and chaos follow.

I so enjoyed my Nonna day. Aren’t grandchildren just the lovliest distraction from lifes difficulties. Arlo is growing up so fast and the ‘terrible twos’ dont seem quite as bad in grandchildren. He really is the cutest, and along with the sweet tasting sights of the countryside this Nonna will return home with a cheerful heart, leaving her worries behind her for a while at least.

Love Alison x

15 thoughts on “‘Simology’

  1. What a sweet little grandson you have, he is so precious. Oh I know that time in the country is so healing and enjoyable, I am glad you had time to relax with so much going on for you. My heart goes out to Simon, I am sure that all of the chaos with the disruption of his daily routine has been unsettling for him Hugs xoxo

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  2. I’m so sorry for the challenges Simon has to endure, Allison, and the challenges that come your way, too. I do understand the comfortable feeling of the countryside, the green hills and the cows. And Arlo is such a handsome little guy. Even though I’m not a grandparent yet, I can surely understand the love and pride you feel. I’ll be thinking good thoughts and keeping you all in my prayers. Lauren xo

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  3. Wonderful pictures of Arlo. He’s adorable. Alison, I am sure you are a special sort of Mum to Simon as you both learn together how to navigate his unusual journey. I understand the gift of nature to soothe. Oddly I am being soothed by a heavy constant rain that has been falling for over two hours straight. It is the Labor Day holiday here and no one was going anywhere this early anyway so I an enjoying the quiet and the rain.

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