The best laid plans.

Did you do anything special for Valentines Day?  On February 14th It was a year since we moved to the Peak District.  A rather special Valentines Day meal was booked in advance by the Lord of the Manor, a dress was bought, and we were looking forward to a lovely evening out to celebrate the first year in our little cottage.  Unfortunately we didnt make it, and the dress is still hanging in the cupboard waiting to be worn.

Over the last few months I have been trying to encourage the ‘L.O.T.M.’ to get more active.  He has always been a sport loving guy, but the joy of playing or participating seemed to have digressed into a more sedentry style of watching, mainly from a horizontal position on the sofa.  Cosy and comfortable yes! but  “Come on Mark”  (said of course in the sweetest of tones) “how about joining the gym again, or getting back into tennis”?  (The L.O.T.M. has been a pretty good tennis player throughout his life).  In the end I realized that my efforts to get him out of the house and off the sofa, so I could have some ‘me time’ (maybe on the sofa) were basically inefectual so I decided to admit defeat.

Some days later the L.O.T.M. woke up having dreamt that he was back playing tennis as a boy, and by the end of that morning spurred on by happy memories, he had joined a local tennis club.  I was quietly joyful, and the thoughts of time to myself, cosied up on the sofa with a book, had me skipping through to tea time.

Suddenly the week was busy, tennis on monday evening, tennis on thursday evening and due to the skill of the tennis player he was enlisted into playing a doubles tournament at the weekend.  This was going well!  I was half way through my book and enjoying having sole use of the sofa (we really need a sofa rota!).  There was however a downside and having had a couple of years out of the game his poor body was grumbling and complaining but he soldiered on.

Week 2. Tennis game No 5.  Pulling myself reluctantly off the sofa I put my book down to pick up my phone as the L.O.T.M. was calling.  I listened compasionately as he explained that he was at the hospital with a broken ankle, whilst fighting the desire to shout  “You cannot be serious!”

The poor L.O.T.M. had jumped in the air for an overhead smash and returned back to land with a crash, breaking his right ankle in 4 places, OUCH!  Overnight stays in hospital followed, along with an operation to mend the breaks and then home, and yes you’ve guessed it, BACK ON THE SOFA!! and for a good few weeks too.  As for me and my book, well we are being kept rather busy at the moment and I’m wondering if we will ever get a go on the sofa again, but isnt this just how life is at times.


We think we have got it all mapped out, the plans are all in place then WHAM life throws out a curve ball or in this case a tennis ball!

It’s taken us both a few days to adjust to our new found situation, but I think we are getting there and settling into a ‘new regime’.   As for our Valentines meal, well I expect that it will be rearanged as soon as Zimmers are replaced by Crutches and mobility (allbeit shaky) returns.  And I’m sure it will taste absolutely wonderful.




Love Alison x

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21 thoughts on “The best laid plans.

  1. I am so sorry that Mark injured himself so badly, please give him my wishes for a speedy and full recovery. I celebrated the 14th of February in nature with my camera and then made a lovely steak dinner for the day my state was admitted to the union, so I cannot attest to a Valentine’s celebration. What I can suggest since Valentine’s Day is focused on love, so you can observe that anytime so maybe when Mark is up to it, the two of you can spend a day together celebrating your love for each other. xo

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  2. Poor Mark. I hope he recovers quickly.
    My own wife started doing evening sessions at her gym so that I could get some time alone but then eventually persuaded me to go to her gym too – so that plan fell apart.

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  3. I went and watched my two grown daughters play tennis today and almost went out on the court to rally a bit with them. I am glad I didn’t. Oh my goodness. I wish the the Lord of the Manor a full recovery. That is a very serious injury, but I guess that ain’t news to ya! Poor guy, so sorry.

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