Oh no, I forgot the pinenuts!

Do you enjoy sitting out in the garden?  Today in the Peak District the warm healing rays of the sun are there for the taking, and sitting in the garden is a total delight.  There is a faint whisper of a breeze which pleasantly takes the edge off the midday heat, and if it wasnt for the fact that I am well aware of Covid-19 and the limitations that go along with it, I would be none the wiser, as I sit surrounded by nature in all its glory.  I am blessed beyond words to be in such a beatiful place at such a difficult time for so many.  My heart is filled with gratitude but my thoughts also turn to those who are not so fortunate, and for whom life is limited to the point of despair.

Spring is definitely springing with all its might.  The grey, muddy winter fields are transforming themselves into a soft, lush, green carpet with a yellow dandelion fleck.  Although just a common weed they make a beautiful sight as they cover the hills, and with the vibrant yellow of the gorse I am reminded of what an amazing gift Mother Nature has for colour co-ordination.  We really don’t have to do much more than look around us for inspiration when needed.


As I sit and write this post I am aware of so many beautiful sounds and yet at the same time in total contrast to one another I am surrounded by peace.  I guess it is no surprise that birdsong is often used as a background to meditation as it really does have a hypnotic effect on the mind, and although there are so many different sounds all vying for attention at the same time, they somehow transform into something quite harmonious and wonderful.

With the occasional humming and buzzing of a bee as it begins its tireless work of nectar collection and pollunation, alongside the gentle burbling and trickling of a nearby stream as the water babbles over the stones below, I doubt that much housework will get done today.  Thankfully I am more than happy knowing that it will still be there waiting to be done on a cooler day, and am quite content to lay down my mop and duster (I think I have one somewhere)  in exchange for the joy of a day in a sun soaked garden.


I do hope that wherever you are you are staying well, and somehow coping with all that is being thrown at us at the present time.  Of course life isnt totally perfect here and like so many we too have difficulties that are underlying due to the corona-virus, but for today I am focussing on the good.  Whatever your circumstances are at the present time I hope you have something beautiful nearby to draw your attention away from your worries.  It might just be something as simple as a new flower blooming in a window box, but even something as small as that can lift our spirits if only for a moment.

Now I really do have to steal myself away from the glorious sunshine.  I had a plan this morning to cook Pappardelle pasta with Wild Garlic Pesto for our tea, but as is so often the case with me and having picked the Wild Garlic, I realized that I didnt have any pine nuts to complete the ingredients (does this ever happen to you?).  With shops being a fair distance, and getting to them being limited, I am going to have to come up with something else and quick, as amidst all the wonderous sounds of the natural world I can hear a faint rummbling of tummies.





Take care and stay well

Love Alison x






24 thoughts on “Oh no, I forgot the pinenuts!

  1. That pasta and garlic dish sounds delicious, and so does your post…what a lovely image in my mind of your day outside in the beauty of nature in the English countryside,. I am doing the same, enjoying some time gardening and some sitting on the deck watching the birds and enjoying the warmth of the spring weather.

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    1. It does Laura and hopefully will be once Ive remembered to get all the ingredients! Too busy with my camera to concertrate on what we are having for tea…oops. Hope your enjoying gardening, Im loving watching the birds at the moment. There are some blue tits nexting in a nearby box and I was laughing today at the different birds fighting as to who was on the bird table.

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      1. We’re having a cool spring so far with a fair amount of rain, which helps green things up. I like it cool as it makes for more comfortable gardening. I loathe it when it gets hot and the bugs come out!


  2. What a lovely post Alison, It is really lovely over here in Lancs too. I would not complain if it rained for a day though – the garden needs it!
    I love wild garlic! Even the smell as we walk through woodland at this time of year. We have a tiny patch of it at the bottom of our garden which I hoped would naturalise as it is in a place where it does no harm. Sadly my wife has seen it and has set about it with the same glee she did when decimating my alpine strawberries….

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  3. What a lovely and peaceful post, Alison, with gorgeous photos. I am also grateful to live in a beautiful area surrounded by flora and fauna and the ocean. It’s a wonder to watch deer saunter down the street, and the spring blooms all around and in our yard provide a sense of normalcy and hope for the future. I can almost smell your pesto pasta and it’s heavenly! All is well here as we move onward through the haze. Stay safe, too.
    ~Lauren 💗🌼

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    1. Thanks Lauren. It must be lovely to see deer up so close. I know we have them around here but I havent been lucky enough to see any yet. The pasta was wonderful, we had it tonight as I found some cashew nuts in a local store which worked just as well if not better than pine nuts and I think cheaper. It really was a wonderfully fresh tasting meal and all the better for having spent time picking the wild garlic. 🙂

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  4. A beautiful post, Alison, and one that beckons me back into my own garden. I LOVE sitting (1) in sunshine on the courtyard, (2) on the arbor bench in the herb garden, especially now that the violets are in full bloom, (3) on the front porch in anticipation of my gorgeous peonies about to burst huge buds in rich rose colors, (4) on the ground in front of a perennial bed. Yesterday, I actually worked in one of my beds where the lilies-of-the-valley had begun to bloom underneath last fall’s mulch of dead leaves. Later today I’ll post a story about that.

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  5. Ah that all sounds lovely and restful. So great when we can be outdoors just soaking up the heat and enjoying the fresh air and the beauty around. So needed at the moment with everything that is going on in the world.


  6. Spring is special isn’t it. No matter how the world looks, otherwise.We have had some nice and sunny days here in Bergen, Norway, too. Very springy. I hope you were able to get you pasta made – even without pine nuts.

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